Autistic woman being threatened

DESTRUCTION, of course. I want these people to pay for their crimes.

What kind of destruction?

Are they going to sue you? Come to your house and hurt you?

Specifics, please.

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So like do they want a payment, do they want to kill you? Do they want to talk with you about what happened and make sure you aren’t contacting authorities? Why are they saying they know where you live?

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They say they have contacts at the police and they know where I live.
I’m receiving phone calls of unknown numbers daily telling me to be quiet or else…
I had to turn my cell phone off because of this…

Call Belial. He hates bullies and abuses of power.


Can you just tell them you’re not seeking legal action and be done with it? Then they can stop pestering you and you might have some more peace of mind seeking out your “destruction” on them through magick?

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They just said for me to be quiet or something bad will happen. They were not specific about anything but I felt very scared.

Then, why they keep calling me everyday to don’t say anything?

Probably my last contribution to this:

If you’re picking up the phone and no one is talking it might not even be them.

If it is them, say you’re not interested in discussing it further because you’re moving on.

If you feel threatened, call on a spirit to help you be and feel protected and to keep you safe.

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I said. But they keep calling me.

You said you keep getting random numbers. Those are usually solicitors, not the clinic calling you.


“Solicitors” that said to me to keep quiet about everything. Every single call that I answered told me the same: be quiet or something bad will happen.
I’m thinking that maybe I’ll have to move far away and hide to protect myself. I’m going to change my phone number also.

I’m feeling real danger from this situation.
My friends told me I should stay away from home and change my number.

I only know 1 thing about bullies and that is if you run away or hide they keep coming after you but if you stand up to them they are the ones that back down. That said all I’m trying to say is don’t run don’t let them drive you from home and don’t change your number (if you can afford it get a second one an unlisted for friends and family only so anyone calls that you know it’s safe to answer).

Don’t run away don’t leave home cuz of them it will make them worse not better because bullies and their running away victims are like wolves and deer the more the deer flee the more their hunted by the wolves.

Add: I am not saying stand up to them. All I’m saying is don’t run away from them cuz the mat encourages them makes them worse.

I’ve been bullied my entire life because of my autism. People usually try to hurt me because I’m not a violent person and also because I don’t behave like others expect me to behave.
I wish there was somewhere in this planet where people like me could live in peace.

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Black in school. Been there done that. Seems they always go after the person they think is alone or weak. For me it got better but you still run into that type. Best thing to do is live your live not run or hide do your daily routines let your loved ones know what’s happening and try as best you can to ignore them. I may not be autistic but I know bullies and what it was liked to be picked on. And it wasn’t only kids it was teachers too. So I know it’s scary and you want to be anywhere but there where you’re being picked on. But bullies come back harder when you run. I know.

Like I work retail you can’t fight the bully customers no ones in your corner you have to do the turn the other cheek crap by ignoring them. Even when your in the right. It’s the only thing that can be done keep on keeping on and ignore them as best you can.

As to your friends they want to help they think if you go away the bullies will let you alone. They have their hearts in the right place. Problem is have they been bullied themselves so that they know what it’s like. Have any bullies in your ever stopped bullying you if you ran away from them?

I tried to hide at school but the bullies kept stalking me. You are right when you say to not run.
The teachers never believed me. I was the odd one who everyone said was the crazy kid.
When I entered university I thought bullying would stop but it got worse because the staff also bullied me.
The only ones that ever defended me were my lawyer, my doctor and King Belial.

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The bullies never stopped.

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I know how that is. Once back in school someone started a rumor I was gay and I had 40+ kids at recess would chase me wanting to kill me if they saw me even within 100 feet of any other kids especially younger ones. So I definitely know what being bullied is like. And that’s just 1 time 1 school. (Not going to into other times)

Just keep living your day to life don’t show them (the bullies) your scared it only makes them worse. Live as if they don’t scare you even though they do.

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