Autistic woman being threatened

My dog got sick and went to a vet clinic. This clinic killed my dog and I have proof with the exams done at another hospital. Now they are scared that I’m going to sue them and resorted to call my cell phone every day threatening me with false accusations and also to kill me and my family.

I don’t have money to spend with a lawyer right now because all the money I had was spent to try to save my dog life.

The police is useless where I live and they don’t care.

My only protection is magick right now.
What should I do?


Bind and or curse them, potentially death curse since they threatened to kill you and your family.


I need a death curse that works fast because the threats are escalating day by day.

You could always cast some protection spells. And then some money spells to save up for a lawyer to press charges.


That may take forever to manifest.

A bind is easier and work faster, and is a good first step to avoid damage. Once OP is safe, they can go whatever route they want.


1 none curse piece of advice for you:

Just make sure you don’t threaten them in any way that they can record and use as evidence against you.

Reason: They’ve seen you aren’t the kind of person to back down easy so they could very well be trying to get something on you so don’t say anything they can tape that could be used against you. If They’re scum enough to threaten a woman they’re scum enough to have a tape recorder device pressed against the phone waiting to hit record and catch you saying something they can use against you.

Other then that advice curse away they deserve it for harming an innocent animal.


Once you create a spell to deliver a death curse, call the name AGILIAREPT (or another god/goddess of death) 5x before the spell and 5x after the spell.

They removed my post, which pisses me off since it was my first curse ever.

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I agree with @ReyCuervo … a binding is what you want at the moment.

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I’m not answering the phone anymore because of the threats. I never said anything to them. The day my dog died the only thing I could do was cry.

After the exam results appeared and they found out they did a mistake the threats began.
I’m very depressed and grieving for my dog right now.

I think these people are used to kill dogs and threaten the owners after.

I read a comment somewhere on Google about another owner that was threatened too.


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Just do a search on wards shields grounding centering psychic self-defense, and you should see some good info.

Stay away from role playing game, video game and card game stuff, some of it can be useful, but by and large ineffective.

Stick to sites like blogsites from witches and ritual magicians.

Finally, there are some demons and angels that can be evoked or invoked.

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I have one go too book for situations like that. Have you heard of a book called “Angels of Wrath” by Gordon Winterfield? If not look into getting it, it’s pretty cheap. There is ritual in there allows you dish out justice but in a way so that offending party knows it was you who is responsible for there change in fortunes. Here’s a link to the book. Use it wisely.


How is it that a clinic can be threatening your life? Is it a legit clinic/vet or did you just find someone who sees animals and treats them?

If they’re threatening you, I suggest you go hardcore to get back at them. Otherwise, if they’re just threatening something petty (which I don’t really know what’s a petty threat in this case) I would just pick up the phone and tell them to leave you be.

Some ideas, as have been suggested, are binding and cursing. I’d personally go with cursing because I’ve tried binding and it worked, but not for forever. On the other hand, death magick has worked before. Maybe you’re interested in something less extreme? Regardless, I’d skim through some potential curses online and if you’re into working with spirits make a list to go through. Usually, they can help quite a bit and are flexible with their help (if you want someone dead vs. heavily inconvenienced for example).


I would suggest you record them. That will give you a little bit of evidence.


It’s a legit clinic unfortunatelly. I went to them because it is the nearest vet clinic to my house and I have no car.
During my dog’s treatment they kept telling me he was going to die and even hurted my arm during an xray. I kept silent because I was trying to save my dog’s life.
The owner admitted in front of me and my mother that when she worked at a human hospital they killed patients all the time and nothing happened.
The results of the exams say that my dog died from a post surgery complication. The doctors don’t want to confess this because they could lose their licenses.
But these doctors are going to kill many dogs with their practice I’m sure.

Euthanizing pets at a clinic is a common experience. It sucks, but sometimes, there’s really nothing that can be done to help the animal and the best course of action is to put them down so they don’t suffer.

Surgery complications are also a reality. Sometimes, doctors do lose the patient even if they do everything right.

Also, in what ways are they threatening you?


So the next step becomes what you want to do. Whether it’s retribution/vengeance, protection, or keeping them from their practice.

What are you leaning toward? (Or a mix.)


They are making phone calls threatening me. They said they know where I live. You know what that means…

Okay but like… are they saying they’re going to kill you?

I’m sure they do, since they may have you write it down when you visit.