Authority in Evocation

About two months ago, I bought Evoking Eternity from E A Koetting and I got impressed. I summoned a spirit with the technique and got surprising good results with it.

So I bought the Mastering Evocation course and I am currently having good communication with the Spirits.

As far as I can see, I got it how to open a sigil.

I channeled some information from Vine that proved to me that Koetting knows his stuff… but there is one thing that eludes me.

In Evoking Eternity there is a lot of emphasis on stablishing authority or on the attainment of Omnipotence as E.A. coins it, filled with Divine Love accessed by ritualistic, meditative or ascetism practices.

But in Mastering Evocation it seems Omnipotence is coaxed naturally from the CrossRoads/Rapture State…

How come???

I am really puzzled…


Basically, the reason is an evolution of technique.

Evoking Eternity was first published several years before BALG was established, and in his earlier work, Koetting was still very much a ceremonial magician. As such, Omnipotence, or Divine Authority, was seen as something needing to be established from outside of oneself.

By the time he had created Become A Living God, and the evocation course, his views and techniques had evolved into more of an internal, self deification, paradigm, where Omnipotence naturally arises from within.


Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes that sure sheds light on it.

Is there any reading order worth observing regarding Koetting’s work?


While there is no established “correct” order, you could follow his magical evolution by starting with his first published work, Kingdoms of Flame, then move, in the order of publication, to Works of Darkness, Baneful Magick, Evoking Eternity, The Spider and Green Butterfly, Questing After Visions, Ipssissimus, and the Book of Azazel.


Thank you very much