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So I noticed a few guys from Austin comment in the “Where you from?” thread. I’m in the area myself, kinda new to actual practicing, but not uninitiated. I’ve dabbled on the right, studied various forms of “magik” (I just don’t like that term, it’s goddamn science, we just don’t fully understand it), but I was still left with that empty feeling, like I was wasting my time. So, I screamed out into The Void, and got the answers I was looking for, I have found my patron deities, The Sentient Darkness, and The Nameless Mist, and Big Chief Marbas has become a friend of mine. Things are turning around, and I’m feeling oddly dedicated to this path. Unfortunately I’m in an environment where I can’t really practice, except for a bit of sigil use, which apparently I’ve got a bit of an instinct for.

What I propose, is a simple get together, see how it goes, maybe start doing it regularly, throw open a few “doors”, call a few spirits, make some offerings, etc.

Hello from Big D. I am down your way fairly often would be delighted to join you

My schedule is a bit psycho at the moment due to my own rituals (including evoking Belial at the capital building a few weeks ago lol his idea :joy:) but there are a few places good for outdoor rituals. Only issue i run into on occasion is Parking :skull_and_crossbones: If things and the weather calm the hell down i’d be up for givin this a shot.

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Totally understand, man, I wouldn’t be able to meet up for a while myself, gotta find some immediate income, first and foremost (just moved). Also gonna need a reasonably clear night, for some reason my power tends to be linked to space, not necessarily stars, but space.

O.o if you are refering to the void that is not tied to the space observable on clear night but "the space between spaces,molecules,atoms ect.

You can tap into this anywhere with the right focus. Depending on how well you can manipulate energy and have hooked into the energies it may just not be as noticeable.

yeah void and space are two different things, and I have an affinity for both. Void represents a sacred emptiness, space is more… active? motion?..actually not sure how to verbalize the difference.

O.o hm…no clue what model or type of energy you are using then. Cause i can tell ya from experience the void is not “passive” energy. Least not in my experience.

No definitely not passive, but kinda contradictory to itself. Kinda similar to the whole “empty-fullness” concept from Buddhism.

Hmm…i could see that. In the current i am currently exploring the void is unlimited potential. The purpose of the work of thus current being to root this potential within the physical and subtle bodies so the perceivable limits are dissolved and turned into points of expressions for power.

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anatomically or in the environment?

Both, this is the work i have been exploring for almost 9 months now

Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph

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Just keeping this thread alive, still looking for people.

Hello from Dallas. I’ll be down there in a month or so. Let me know if your travels bring you up this way

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And here I am in Austin for a bit

If anyone is looking for a local shop “ancient mysteries” is good for general stuff and herbs.
They have a pretty wide selection. Most of which can be viewed on their site. They also will hold orders for ya if they are out of stock on stuff.

Garden of the ancients is another good shop for live plants, herbs and crystals. Huge selection of each.