Auric Shells and Chaos Spawn

Assume these things are true.

Everything we do, think, and feel causes our body to process energies.

During that process certain residues are produced by our body(s).

Apart from our physical form, we also have a mind/emotion complex that is immaterial but which is also tethered to our physical correspondents and form.

In addition to other immaterial systems we also have an Auric System.

Our Auric System is created by light which is generated within our physical body.

Our Auric System is composed of a series of ‘auric shells’ which are like a russian nesting doll in form.

By the power of the light within, the auric shells manifest into a great circulatory structure which catches residue produced by our form.

Among the residue produced by our form there is an immaterial variety called ‘soulular residue’ produced by actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Soulular residue recirculates and is broken down through our auric shells as energies are dispersed and cycle through different shells.

Overloads of soulular residue can cause the creation of Chaos Spawn.

Chaos Spawn can appear in a variety of forms including both material and immaterial.

Chaos Spawn can sometimes become super-charged and cause disfunction in the Auric System.

Soon after becoming super-charged, Chaos Spawn generally break out of the auric shells and race back very swiftly, by a magnetic like current, to one’s core processor.

When Chaos Spawn race back to the core processor a variety of adverse affects can occur including an experience like possession or being physically assaulted.

Chaos Spawn are very serious and can create extreme havoc but are never to be treated or presumed to be alive.

Understanding these things might one day save your sanity and possibly even your life. I’ve dealt with Chaos Spawn, evil presenses, shadow forms, and weary spirits before. I’m familiar with a variety of phenomina. The same way Chaos Spawn can be created, wonders can also be created if one understands how to use production of residue to their advantage. Just keep in mind we also come in contact with one another’s auric residue all the time and not just our but many things create auric residue, even electronic devices can interfere with auric residue.


Holy shit @BlackFlameEmissari
I experienced this yesterday
A random “spirit” trying to posses me

Wow. More info pls

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I believe i have a shit ton around me lol
Just need to know how to cleanse them

Keep in mind the experience I am about to share with you was extremely intense and this was a few years after I developed various systems and had performed a variety of magicks.

I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. Then I felt my awareness shift and I began sensing things around me. Next I found myself surrounded by a variety if invasive forms I did not like at all. They appeared as shadow forms at first. So I shifted my awareness again and then I felt and heard the shadow forms more clearly.

So I performed a special magick which I actuated by asserting inner auditorialy, “DEPERSONAFY!”… “BASE!”… Instantly my astral vision opened and I found myself drifting through space in the form of a long black dragon. As quickly as that happened all the shadow forms became lifeless cosmic material floating all around me. Then I watched as the cosmic material floating around me turn to particles of dust and dissipate into a vast emptiness. Then I went to sleep peacefully.

You are certainly a potent mage if you have experienced Chaos Spawn. Just remember they aren’t alive. Become an astral alchemist and reduce Chaos Spawn to dust. :sunglasses:


One time I was having a seemingly friendly chat with a mage of a certain cult. However, in the astral I saw our true energies mixing. Later that night I was attacked by a chaos spawn created by our interaction. I saw it with my own two eye’s flying in a circle around me(which means it was caught in an auric shell and already being processed). However it actually broke out of the shell when I then challenged the mage in the astral. As I laid back and closed my eye’s with a grin on my face, I suddenly felt a force like being punched in my face, I felt the impact. This was caused by the residue(chaos spawn) returning to my core processor.

It’s not safe to let unprocessed residue back into your core processor. The energy which circulates through the core processor is already in a highly filted pure state. The outer shells are meant to deal with chaos spawn.

Sometimes our auric shells take form in the astral. We can interact with them or even become them like in my case when I saw myself as the black dragon. He was a manifestation of my auric shell.


So they kinda function like servitors so to speak?

That reminds me, the word qlippoth is sometimes translated as shells. Interesting connection here

And how do you create their opposite, the Wonders?
Btw that technique worked

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Well there is somewhat of a dilemma. There are two very powerful minds(which can work together). However, they oppose one another to such a degree that depending on which mind you are utilizing, reality itself is perceived the change. Perceiving reality by one mind is entirely different as perceiving through the other.

Now you must imagine that the mechanisms of mind itself have form. Thus, there is a special visual called “the unfolding box”. The visual is a sequence.

First imagine a square, four sides, four corners.

Then four more squares unfold so that there is a square adjacent to all four sides of the original square.

Afterwards the overall shape shifts immediatly into a 4D form skipping 3D as a square unfolds from each of the four sides of the boxes which appeared after the first.

So then the unfolding box becomes an increasingly complex and hard to imagine shape even as early as the 3rd generation in the sequence.

Subsequent generations are formed expanding the overall size of the box as it continues to unfold.


When you operate a mind and begin thinking, depending on your mind’s ability, the box begins to unfold allow thought itself to become more processible. The more highly processible thought is, and based on your ability, the mechanism of the unfolding box will actuate on an unconscious level. You wouldn’t feel the box. You’d feel the result of the box.

Now back on the two minds. They are contained in a preform called a ‘case’ and there are two cases, one for each mind: Case A, and Case B.

When you experience thought, your body may produce sensation. Also, you may begin to become personal with the thoughtform. Case A reduces sensation and abhors persons. Case B amplifies sensation and embraces persons.

One utilizing a Case A format mind would never believe in gods or be a theist. Case B gladly accepts the reality of all sorts of entities such as gods, demons, angels, and spirits.

Phenominal experiences are more readily experinced by a Case B format’d mind. However, the analytical prowess of a Case A format is unmatched. If you are skilled in the mind you can switch into a Case B mode to experience phenomina, then switch back into Case A later to self analyze.



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I’ve got a lot to learn. I need to process this for now but I can undoubtedly promise you that I will have questions. @BlackFlameEmissari

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This is all very interesting

Some of this sounds interesting with the chaos spawn. But the rest seems like common knowledge to me

Sounds like you’re trying to quantify the interactions of the internal manifesting the external. Personally, I don’t see much of a difference between internal and external as far as spiritual progress is concerned, because that makes things a bit easier to deal with when it comes to certain matters (like ascent).

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I think chaos spawn are actually very common. I think lots of people experience them but dont know. Chaos spawn could appear as anything from a visual hallucination like shadow people, to invisible presense. I think 90% of phenomina people deal with, they unknowing created themself.

I often try to visualize the immaterial. I have a saying. "All things are physical by their own physicality. So in the realm of the immaterial, there the immaterial is as physical whilst physicality becomes the invisible part.