Aura Weirdness

So I’ve been working a lot with energies lately (it seemed to be what I connected with so I’m sticking to it). I was practicing and reading an auras just casually on the bus, and I saw something weird, I’m hoping someone can explain?
This one lady, her aura started out a yellowish colour, then it was as if a wave of orange and red just took over the yellow and snuffed it out? I’m hoping maybe it’s just because there were other people around, but I got a weird feeling too, like something was wrong (don’t know how to explain it).
I know it’s normal for auras to be layered with colours, but I’ve never heard of some colours overtaking others. Does anyone have any idea if this means anything or if maybe I’m reading too much into it?


What COULD have happened is that the energy was picking up on someone reading it/taking a sneak peek and took protective measures against it. Maybe the lady is using a shield against prying eyes :slight_smile:


Oh, well I certainly didn’t mean to pry! But that’s very cool, I never knew auras could do that!