Aura seeing problems

Hey guys.
Lately, I have been busy with learning how to see and read auras . However I seem to have come across some difficulties and questions have arisen.
I have read some posts here in the forum , but the main questions are still unanswered (maybe I’m just bad at searching?:slightly_smiling_face:)
Think you could help me a little bit?

*Sometimes I see colours (similar to aura colours) around objects. Is this normal? F.e my teacher wore a reddish t-shirt and I saw the colour green in the background.
*Sometimes it just feels like the aura colours I see depend on the background colour. Did you feel the same way at first?
*I can see limited colours. Blue, yellow and orange. I have never seen red or pink when I look at a person.Why is this happening?
*I only see colours when the background is plain and single-coloured. Is this ok?

Finally if you have any tips or methods that I could use to improve this skill please do share them. I am always open to new knowledge.
Thank you~

Hello, when i was training how to see auras i began with white backround…i told my mom or grandma to stand before white wall and that is how i was practicing ( also at the beggining they guided me first) … why you dont see all colors? hmm maybe your senses are not wholly developed yet…

Also you can practice on yourself…Gently rub your hands together, this activates energy between the two hands and turns on the Aka. Focus your attention between the palms and see if you can sense a color to these threads of energy. It is all about practice i would say…