Aura of Black magicians

So guys I am wondering why is it so easy to see auras of non magic people and hard by high level witches/mages/sorcerors/priests? Does it have something to do with some kind of magic resistance or magic shield or auric bodies who are dense or evolved?

What about aura colour of really dedicated satanic witches and luciferians? Which colour is most common in these LHP witchcraft practicers and adepts of black magic? My aura is crimson red with shades of dark red. Some years ago was mostly orange


Fascinating, I THINK mine is still indigo-blue but I’ve not checked in a while. When looking at videos and photos of myself now I’m like ‘woah I am bathed in demon juices’ but it probably is only noticeable to other psychic people. Like, my eyes look darker and my face more sinister. Not sure if non-magical people can see those changes in us so well or maybe they just don’t know what they mean.


Mine is apparently white, don’t shoot me for “being a snowflake”.
It have not always been white, I think my aura was violet some years ago, but that is not weird, as I have been into magick, spirituality, and the occult all my life.


I actually find harder to see regular people’s auras, since they are very thin. I can instantly spot someone who is spiritually stronger than the average because of how big their auras are. However, you can contract or expand your aura, thus you can deceive people by looking weaker or you can “crush” people with how heavy your energy is.

I work with demons all the time and my aura is golden. However, when I get deep qabalistic gnosis, from the Binah sephira, it turns bright red because of how angry I get when I realise how shitty God’s creation is, and then goes back to golden when I figure out how to fix it.



Mine sort of changes. When i interact with dark matter, the void or the like, its a solid, heavy, shimmering dark blue.

When I’m in “rage mode” or if I’m working with my godform, it’s a deep solid red that outlines a dark, deep purple and black energy.

Otherwise it’s either green or purple/black.

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Occultists of high adeptitude aren’t going to let you see anything they don’t want seen. That includes size, color, or presence of an aura at all.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a girl who I went to HS with and she’s into the Law Of Attraction/new age stuff, I don’t think she does ritual magick;however, I know she does a ‘morning ritual’ or whatever.

Hadn’t seen her in years but we crossed paths in the store recently, and the force around her was so strong my jaw dropped. It’s really a testament to the power of will and extent of subjectivity in magick - you can only imagine the delusion of the spiritual literature she reads.

Btw I remember smoking salvia when I was about 17, and for a few seconds I could clearly and vividly see everyone’s aura.

It’s never been hard for me regardless of practitioner or not. So this is news to me.

When I want to see them and be open. (Long story about my early 20s :joy:)

I don’t have an issue no
Matter the color if I can’t see it around the shoulders I just look at their crown of the head. Only once I saw a black one and I was confused until I realized it was black.

But I always see some color or shade.

Idk had someone approach me at the bar last weekend (wasn’t drinking myself) thst knew exactly what I was and several things about me that threw me off/ startled me.

Found it interesting because I know a medium personally that has given crazy accurate readings for other people but who says I’m too heavily shielded to read.

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That’s how you notice quickly if someone is in magic active. I try to know more about themselves too and start a conversation. It is interesting every time.