Aug. 1st Global Venus Rite

Not sure if this is the correct subforum, it was kind of an evocation…

I know that TWF has put in a lot of work with Jupiter, and I wanted to share my experience with Venus.

As some of you know I am enrolled in Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery Course. Every time Mr. Miller starts a new cycle of courses he sends out an email to all of his students inviting them to a Global Planetary Rite in celebration. August 1st marked the beginning of a new course and as it fell on a Friday the rite was a Venus Rite.

I received his email and though “Hell yeah I am down for this.” So I prepared a few offerings, honey wine, expensive dark chocolate (mint flavored, my favorite) and a can of sweetened fruit… all stuff I thought a Devine Female might like.

On the appropriate hour I marched myself outside and found myself a nice secluded spot where I would not be disturbed. I sat and meditated a while as the sun arose over the Wasatch Front signaling the hour of Venus on the day of Venus.

I stood and began the rite, I am sure I am not supposed to give out any details but the general gist is that the rite was a mix of adoration, offerings, and requests. Offerings are becoming a big part of my work with spirits, I have had a lot of success with offerings to Emperyan or Planetary Spirits.

During the rite while singing the adoration s and intonations I felt a presance of a delicious, life-loving, spicy, female. This presence kept by my side for the rest of the rite. It left at the close of the rite, but left me feeling really happy.

For the rest of the day I radiated with the energies of Venus. I felt indescribably great and my good mood influenced others to the same effect.

I made two requests of the spirits of Venus during this rite and already one of them has been fulfilled.

Got to love the planets!

Hail Venus and Aphrodite,

Nice to hear, but that’s a pity that you cannot share the ritual with us. I think lots of could use it with good result!

S’all good man. I can’t share Miller’s ritual but you could make your own and connect with the Planetary Sphere of Venus all on your own.

Deep meditations
Contemplations of who you are and why you can get the attention of a Venusian Spirit.
Seed sounds
and a conjuration of the spirits of Venus

Boom, there you go.


Thanks Orismen, however, what is Seeds sounds?

Planetary seed sounds are like the chakra seed sounds in their uses and effects. They can attune you to the energy and influence of the planets.