Attraction ritual in Grimiore for the Green Witch

So over the summer I used a ritual in Grimiore for the Green Witch to find a potential relationship. I had some trouble because I had to draw up a diagram. I spent 30 minutes making several attempts to make the diagram. My altar isn’t equipped for drawing. I’m considering doing the ritual again, but making a pre-made design on a graphic design site. Is this a good idea?

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What spirit is so prickly that requieres such a perfect diagram?

How you do the diagram as in what media is not vital what is important is the visualization when you do it. The intent when you create it so the speak . So you can do it on a computer if you want but when you activate it you have to visualize it.


Yes, go for it, there are many ways that you can create a design or diagram is up to the magician and your experimentation.

I like working with paper and a pencil that way you can easily make corrections or changes, however you can experiment with other methods, digital art, paints, collage, ink pens, can all make excellent mediums for designing diagrams or sigils.


Here it is, as dictated by the author. What do you think?