Attraction/love spell. Single or multiaproach spells for better results?

I know this may sound like I’m lusting for results but believe I’m trying to “cast and forget” - I just wanna get the girl I like that’s why I wonder whether multiple spells work better than just one.

First of all I’m working with Sitri – I do some banishing, then some wielding to feel empowerment…then I summon sitri gazing at all the sigil parts and calling out shem, and emissary angels as well as Sitri. Then I visualize the results and make some offering promises to him.

Then, when I have more time and energy…I’ll spend a bit more time with Sitri using the Ritual 1 from “Demons of Magick”, where I’ll write what I want in a specific phrase encoded in a cypher. This is kind of a deeper evocation I guess.

Also, I’ve seen a good spell on this forum which uses the “heartagram” and 2 pictures, one of each member the spell is for (me and my crush).

I’ve also read on here about “Magickal seduction” of Damon Brand and I wanna try the attraction and love spell which are said to be quite strong.

I like to do some magick everyday as I’m a novice and this helps me improve my visualisation, empowering, meditation skills and so on. A weekly ritual is too little I think.

The question is: when you have a specific target e.g. Get a woman you like: can you combine different spells or not? For example, I work with Sitri that’s all I’m doing at the moment and I trust him. I don’t wanna be disrispectful to him so if I use other spells I wanna make sure I just want to improve the results and send more energy to the target.

As always, I try to be honest and say that even though I don’t wanna hurt this girl at all, and that I just wanna be with her and have a happy relationship; I don’t care if results come in a reckless way and she becomes obsessed or mad. I’ll never hurt her so I’ll manage the situation if we are together.

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