Attraction Charm

Alright, so I mentioned in my Journal that I had used a charm to get a guy to show me how he feel/become attracted to me. Let me explain the situation and then I’ll tell you why this worked.

So, you go to university and you enter your class and suddenly, you realize you’re sitting next to this really cute guy. You talk a bit and decide you two should study together. You get the vibe that you two are… well, vibing, but you need to make sure that it’s two sided and not just one sided. You also really want him to like you. Let me say, for the record, that the guy I’m referring to is the ‘jock’ type who is also quite kind, but doesn’t get shy at all. I mean at all. The night before I was supposed to meet up to see him for a study session, I decided to try a charm I found a while back. I couldn’t remember it exactly, nor do I remember where I read it, but I still did it.

The ingredients:

  • Piece of foil, torn, not cut.
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon
  • Your Attention

That’s it.

What you have to do

This charm calls for you to pick a deity or goddess/god of love that you are most familiar with. I went ahead and picked my Two favourites. Aphrodite (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian).

  • Begin breathing lightly, get into somewhat of a concentrated meditative state. Feel calm and relaxed.
  • Put a small amount of the rosemary and a small amount of the cinnamon into the center of your palm. I placed them in my left palm.
  • Place your othr hand over as through you are cupping something. Do not apply pressure towards your palms, just simply make sure that there are no ‘leaks’.
  • Channel your energy from your heart chakra (or if you don’t do chakras, you can focus on your intention and visualize the energy) going from your heart, through your arms and then into your hands. It may feel like a bit of a tingle, may feel like it’s vibrating a little bit. I had a slight tingle in my palms and fingers.
  • Call upon the goddess (goddesses) and request their help. Here’s what I said: (You can replace ‘him’ with the name of the individual)
    "Beautiful goddess Aphrodite, I request from you to appear beautiful in his eyes.
    Wonderful goddess Hathor, I request from you that he not be able to resist me."
  • Continue to repeat that until you feel as though you’ve charged the herbs in your hand.
  • After you’ve done this, press your palms together and gently crush rosemary and cinnamon together, WHILE CONTINUING TO REPEAT YOUR CHANT.
  • The foil you prepared should be ready and in front of you, place the herb-mixure in its center and fold it tightly so that nothing falls out.

You can let this charge under a full moon, or simply store it in a secret hiding place you have. Wear this charm around the person. I put mine in my bra because it’s closest to my heart and my energy around him is always so positive and strong. Here’s what happened…

He was blushing almost the entire time. He let me touch his laptop (this is a big thing, it sounds small but it’s pretty big). He goofed off half the time and finally, at the end, he didn’t know how to say goodbye. He was stuttering and acting like a boy with a school-girl crush. I loved it.

You don’t have to use goddesses or entities. You can use whatever forces you are most comfortable with. I made this spell my own, and so can you. It’s all about intentions and energy. But honestly? This was my very first spell to actually work and it made me so happy.

Although, now that we’re quarantined, he talks less and less and I have no bloody idea how to get him to pick up his damn phone and bloody call me! But… that’s another situation. Enjoy your charm ladies!