Attraction Attraction

I think of her all the time
I use the mantra She loves me and I feel all the emotions I feel like it already happened
I just hope Universe bring her soon back to me

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I just hope Universe bring her soon back to me

If your looking for advice, people usually say to act like it (in your case, her) is already yours. To know that you already have what you want, and act on it. Energy requires action, hoping isn’t action. Hope is good, but it’s not enough - you have to meet the Magick halfway.

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I believe that somehow universe will bring back that love in her
Maybe my emotions would be reaching to her like telepathy

You keep making threads on the same topic, but don’t follow any of the advice you’re already been given. The more you keep whining about her, the less and less likely you will succeed in bringing her back.


The “universe” isn’t going to just do all the work for you.


But I read a story where a woman got her ex back
Just by asking the universe

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If he firmly enough believes that, that’s probably exactly what will happen though. Of course that’s still him doing it, unknowingly.

I have a question, as I’ve seen some people have this more intense belief of the LOA, but it seems that this assumes that the OP is the only individual in the universe. The person he is after probably strongly believes that she will never be with him again (at that point), so why should the OP’s belief suddenly override the person’s belief?