Attracting specific type of people


i am not interested at any particular person, but i seek some specific qualities and traits in a girl.

in real life, i waste my time because that specific set of traits that i like isn’t obvious at a first glance. the type of girls that i like is rare, or they are generally not attracted to me.
tomorrow i’m buying the divination program so i’m hoping i’ll learn to divine into heart of matter instead of waiting for that person to unfold to me in usual way.

i want to make a magickal selection, where the girls fitting into my wanted category would be attracted to me, perhaps even so much that i wouldn’t fail to notice that, if given opportunity.

i thought of making a sigilized word which would contain the meaning of that specific set of traits - category, describing the type of girl i want.
so i might engrave the barbarous word or a sigil-picture on a red candle with some venusian oil… being aware of astrological timing and all that.

does anyone have better suggestions? perhaps an entity who would do the scouting in the local area looking for the “right one” for me at this time and report me what if finds. just imagine…


Perhaps opening one of the Pentacles of Venus, then giving it a personal charge to draw the type of woman you desire to you would work while thinking of the qualities you seek. Then carry it around with you on your travels.

Or, if you already know a women who is available with the desired traits you could try psionically transmitting the 3rd, 4th or 5th Pentacles of Venus in her sleep. The third one is quite powerful and I’ve read that combining the 4th and 5th is quite potent as well. You could also evoke or summon Hagith, the Venusian spirit for assistance.


i have never heard of such working. where can i learn this?


The Planetary Pentacles are towards the end of the book along with the Planetary spirits. Read the descriptions for the Venus Pentacles. You could just print them out on parchment and work with them like you would a sigil. If you made a radionics box you could get a photo of the person you desired and then transmit the Pentacle to them in their sleep. I’ve actually experimented with the 3rd just to see what effect it would have and WOW! I left the radionics box on all night transmitting the 3rd Pentacle of Venus and the next day, BAM! Definite attraction on first sight. Undeniable sexually magnetic attraction.

Regarding 4th and 5th Pentacles;


well fuck me…
many many thanks Virdon Djinn!




[quote=“bahamuthat, post:5, topic:600”]well fuck me…
many many thanks Virdon Djinn![/quote]

^^^^ That’s what she’ll say!