Once you attend to something, you are forever intertwined with that thing, and depending on how you framed your attention on that thing, those parameters guiding your perception of that thing will determine the type of influence that thing has over you and vice versa.

When you grab someone’s attention, you are confusing them for an imperceptible moment, in that moment is prime substrate for injecting seed energy, or an idea, or a hook.

Here is a fun experiment. Go into a meditation with the intent to program a seed construct designed to do whatever it is you can imagine and feel confident constructing with efficiency, that you will then implant into someone’s subconscious.

The way you will do this is to install a mechanism that will attach this seed to whatever attention getting method you have for someone, a mechanism that will have symbolic relevance to the seed program you are going to implant in the targets subconscious.

For instance, a mnemonic phrase you will yell or say to someone, a phrase that you will imbue with the seed program energy. Have this seed ready in your laser focused concentration, and the moment before and as their attention switches unto you, is when you release the seed into the back of their mind.

Any questions?


Uh, all right. What brought this about?

I just felt inclined to share a fun and easy technique. Once you get the hang of it, if you try hooking someone in with this technique, you can hypnotise them with neuro-linguistic programming, and implement some serious mind control.

What I like to use it for is just simply to expand my reach… I like to implant a seed that resonates with my entire field of prayer, so that when I summon my energy to perform a magical deed, it has resonance with select people who I am using as feedback loopers for monumental web weaving.

Fair enough. Thought I’d ask, in case there was something I was missing.

Can I PM?

Assuredly, fellow human.

I don’t know what I just read, but I liked it so…guess what you did works? XD

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Sit down. State your intent out loud to program a seed to plant in someone at the moment of getting their attention, and what its for. Meditate, clear your mind. Then visualize a toroidal vortex. The center of it is the core or kernel which will be the center of gravity that is programmed by your thoughts and emotions to magnetize toward and find its way into the targets neo-cortex subconscious.

Just hold your intent for what you want it to do, let your imagination guide the structuration of the program. As it builds itself, channel your emotional and mental energy into its synthesis.

Once your done you will need to figure out a way to initially get the persons attention, and what you will be wearing, a hand gesture or facial expression, anything that signifies symbolic relevance to your seed. In that moment of attracted attention, the seed needs to be at the forefront of your mind so it can go from urs to the back of their mind.

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