Attacks based on GOM books: can the target identify you?

Question about Magickal Attack and Angels of Wrath.

If your target is also an occultist, can they find out that you were the attacker?

For example using “Mebahel: Reveal your enemies” of 72 Angels of Magick?

If they can easily identify you, then it kinda defeats the purpose, surely?

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Well, the simple answer would be…don’t attack another occultist.

The GOM books are geared towards beginners, but yes, if the target knows what they are doing, they could identify you and counter attack. That is the the risk you take when you attack someone, whether magically or physically.

If you can’t handle retaliation, then you really shouldn’t be magically attacking people anyway.


People have intuition so it’s possible.


I hear the voice of whoever is trying to attack me or hex me. Its kind of a natural warning system.
So some people definitely have stronger then normal intuition.
I also have to add people have guides, protective spirits etc, they may trace the attack back themselves or aid in it, the spirits could attack on behalf of who they’re watching over as well.
Attacking another is never as simple or as easy as we would like it to be.


Yeah, I would stay away from attacking another occultist, especially if their in a position where they are a “teacher/author” like in the case of the books. Since then clearly they have knowledge…which means they more then likely have the recourses to defend/counterattack if they found out who.

Also not sure they need to know EXACTLY who, identifying the energy of the person who attacked them is enough.

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Depends on how good you and your will power are

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That’s where you bring in the smarts. You attack and ask Bael to induce apathy to not look towards your way. And lay out needed protections