Attacking your own natal chart for defense/security/knowledge

How is attacking a natal chart accomplished successfully? How, aside from gaining their information, do you determine their basic sun and moon sign by looking at them or drawing divination, and how do celestial events or transits occur to the benefit of the magician, even in this case? It seems youre one layer safer knowing your own weaknesses by astrology to begin with, but in pyschic defense, this seems necessary to know. Im surprised neophytes are not even taught this to begin with.

May I ask what do you exactly mean by “attacking the natal chart”
I’m into astrology perhaps I can help

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All I know, is that it allows a magician to attack bob if they know bobs bifrth chart, by creating issues where no planetary influence or event can benefit bob. An example. I could be wrong.

Ok I think I get it but what do you mean by “bob” ?
Either you have typing issues or I am not getting something

Bob was the example target. So you basically create spells or rituals to cause issues in underdeveloped or imbalanced houses, or use plantary or celestial magick on those houses of the target.
I can be wrong but am teachable. So the questions are per the original post.