Attacked an enemy's right eye in a dream

So I looked it up. The right eye represents the sun, which to me represents the active, the masculine.

This guy is an actual enemy who, with others, tries to control my life. He is also someone I went to school with.

In the dream, he wanted something from me, got nasty when I refused to give him what he wanted, and then he turned into a large aggressive spider.

I turned into the dark version of myself and hunted the bastard down. Cornered him, and then he transformed back into his human form, tried to lunge for me, then I hit him in the right eye with the blunt end of my wand, and made his eye fill with blood. His eyeball remained intact.

He came back to his senses and as he was being led away, he was asking what happened to his eye and if his eye would be OK.

Clearly the dream is showing me what worked in getting him off my back.

Any ideas?

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Well could it represent you hurting his pride is something. You said the right eye represents the sun meaning masculinity. Also you said a wand. It could mean you hurt his pride some how with magic and in tarot(don’t quote me on this as I’m still studying it) the wands represents consciousness, personality and possibly ego.