ATR Temple

I was in New Orleans a couple of weekends ago and ran into someone who told me a shop to go to and the person to speak with. When I walked in it looked like a trinket and souvenir shop with beads covering a hallway. I began speaking to the man and showed him the Legba necklace is was wearing. We discussed different ATR traditions and beliefs so he asked me to meet the High Priestesses. We walked behind the covered hallway and there she was mashing and jarring herbs, it took a minute to break her trance and acknowledge us. She looked at me and said “take him to see our private temple, the spirits welcome him here” then she immediately went back to work.

So our usher took us around the back and we entered a different part of the building that isn’t visible from inside or outside and it was surprising large. It was various shrines set up to a mixture of different ATR deities. It was very impressive and very well set up. Some of the shrines had different offering all over them; money, bourbon, jewelry, cigars…all the good shit. We came back after a lengthy conversation with our very knowledgeable usher. On the way out I spoke to the High Priestesses and again it took her a minute to break away from her work. I told how beautiful everything was and how great of job she has done and she replies with a distant look in her old tethered, kind face “I take credit for nothing, she spirits have done all of this just like they guided you here, I look forward to your return” . Then she immediately got back to her work. We thanked our usher and left.

I just thought I would share this very unique and magical experience.

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