Athena and Gaia Visited Me

I tried looking this topic up so I wouldn’t have to start a new one but I’m not really getting answers. The other night I actually successfully astral traveled! This is something I struggle with greatly. I went to my quiet place, which is a waterfall at night. Usually I’m by myself when at this place but this time 2 women came to visit me. They told me they were Athena and Gaia. I’ve never worked with Greek Goddesses. I do love Greek mythology and never thought I would actually meet any of them. We talked for a long time. I vaguely remember what they looked like but I don’t remember what we talked about. I also remember feeling awkward and talking more to Gaia because I honestly don’t like Athena. I felt weird too because I couldn’t remember who Gaia was. I remember studying her but that was like 12 years ago. So, when I came out of it I was riddled with questions. Why would they visit me? Why can’t I remember what was said? Should I try contacting them again? Has anyone else dealt with this? Most of those questions are rhetorical but if anyone has answers or input then that would be appreciated. I’ve done some brushing up on Gaia so I have a better understanding of who she is.


Lucky! I love Athena, but since I’m working with Santa Muerte right now I hesitate to contact her. I don’t say that as a slight to Santa Muerte, but I understand she’s a jealous one!


So very weird, I also had a contact with a woman spirit named Gaia yesterday. She said she wanted my help in taking care of this planet and the life on it.

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