Athame Question

In my situation the only time I have privacy to do rituals is during the day. I have an athame that I want to charge before beginning baneful magick. There is dark work that needs to be done in my life and I just want to get down to business. I was gonna wait until the moon wanes in july but I don’t know if I’ll have the privacy to do the charging and consecration during that time. If possible I would like to do the ceremonies during the day. If the moon is not in the sky then will that take away any magickal power?

I’ve never paid to much attention to that and have charged items during the day with no moon, and they’ve worked fine. And I mean over many years, enough to see the results! :slight_smile:

Copied below is a long excerpt from what’s IMO one of the best articles on this site:

[b][url=]Rebeliion: Smash The Shackles Of Your Slavery[/url][/b]

The Master doesn’t hold off on a ritual because the planets aren’t in the right alignment, or because the season isn’t perfectly conducive to the Operation. Sure, if these factors can align, that’s great, but the Master knows that if immediate action is required, then remaining idle isn’t an option.

While everyone else thinks about doing great things, wants to do great things, and even plans on doing great thinks, the Master actually does great things, and creates great things.

The Master sees circumstances as neutral. They are simply there, and they can be utilized, avoided, or destroyed. The Slave sees circumstances as the building blocks of reality itself. To the Slave, each day is a series of circumstances, and he or she has to jump over them, collide with them, struggle and suffer to make it through them. To the Master, each day is a series of Outcomes, each outcome is a result of actions, words, or thoughts, and in order to get a better quality of outcomes, he knows that he needs to generate a better quality of actions, words, and thoughts, and circumstance itself becomes pliable in his hands!

Now, where this all comes from is one such slave. I’m actually right now in the middle of moving to a nicer, more spacious, more beautiful home.

To give you a little background, a few months ago I looked around my house and realized that it just wasn’t working for me anymore. Sure, it’s a decent place to be. I had plenty of room, a covered carport to keep the rain off of my motorcycle and my cars, a decent pool in the back, etc. But I felt like I could do a bit better. So, I thought about exactly what I would want in a new home. I wanted an exact floorplan, vaulted ceilings, windows facing the right directions. I wanted my kitchen to be bigger, my cabinets to be deeper, my carpet to be softer. I wanted a specific type of closet, a specific type of washroom. I wanted the front door to have a certain look about it.

Once I had these details in mind, I performed a ritual of evocation, to manifest exactly what I wanted.

Then, I forgot about it. It wasn’t a pressing need at all, but a distant “want.”

Before I knew it, circumstances aligned so that I could leave where I was at, and in the same moment, my realtor had a place become available. I walked through the new house for the first time, and my jaw dropped at how this home perfectly resembled the one that I had imagined, and had forged in my evocation!

Now, I mentioned to the aforementioned Slave that I know that I would be moving. To which she replied, “Right now?”

“Yes,” I replied. “In the next week.”

“That’s pretty brave,” she sighed, “To make that kind of change in the middle of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Something’s bound to go wrong.”

Not only does she misunderstand astrology entirely (having never even heard of “retrograde” until I mentioned it a few years back), but this very statement illustrates her utter powerlessness. Because a planet nearly 8 light seconds from earth is aligned in such a way that causes an optical illusion that Mercury is moving backwards in its revolution around the sun, she would have foregone the move. She would have essentially told the spirits, “Thanks for bringing me EXACTLY what I asked for, without me having to do ANY work for it… but, there’s a planet out there that I can’t even see that someone tells me appears to be moving backwards, as it does at least twice a year, so I’ll have to take a pass on everything you’ve done for me!”

It’s no wonder that this particular person has success flee from her constantly.

I don’t care what circumstances are against me. I don’t care how many times I’m told that I can’t do something. I don’t care what alignment the planets are in. I don’t care what season it is. I don’t care if the sun turns to sackcloth and the moon to blood, I get what I want. And I get it every single time.

It might take a bit of work, it might take long hours, investment of my own personal resources, sacrifices, and taking risks, and it might take some heavy ritual to make it happen, but I don’t think in terms of circumstances – I think in terms of goals. Everything is either a vehicle to the goal, or is an obstacle in the path. I can ride the vehicles to get me there faster, and the Gods know that I can obliterate any obstacle in my path, but what I will NOT do, EVER, is surrender to circumstances.

I’ve learned to see circumstances as neutral. They are simply there, and they can be utilized, avoided, or destroyed. I’ve learned to see each day is a series of Outcomes, each outcome is a result of actions, words, or thoughts, and that circumstance itself is entirely pliable in my hands!