At a Crossroads

I suppose a conflict of interests was bound to happen.
I have a number of impending needs which have resulted in me feeling like I’ve landed smack bang in the crossroads.
Theres, my desire to help heal others (those who really really do deserve it), then there’s my desire for vengeance (both which are incredibly justified and both weighing heavily on my mind)
And then theres my strong desire for working with and understanding Lucifer, which may possibly be in conflict with my desire to learn angel reiki (which im currently doing a course on) for the reason of healing. Then there’s my desire to focus on defencive magick, since I’ve garnered the attention of a practitioner of voodoo… and not in a good way, the timing couldn’t be any weirder tbh! I’m tempted to revert back to chaos but I really want to be moving forward not just staying within the confines of what I’ve known.

Personally, I’d like to focus on one thing and master it, or at least gain a good working understanding before going into something else, but needs must I suppose!

What do you guys do when you are being pulled in multiple directions? Any tips/advice?


Hi Cyberrend,

I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that if you were to start working closer to Lucifer then he would be able to help you to address many of these issues, so you’d be killing all these birds with one stone so to speak…

Maybe it’s not actually a ‘crossroads’ but a slow ‘lining up of your ducks’…that’s been going on behind the scenes to get you to this point…?

Ask him :slight_smile:


I suppose it cant hurt to ask, thanks @GaiasGirl :slight_smile:

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Maybe try and structurise a bit more. Say one week i will be doing healing work, then week after channeling lucifer, week after vengence work. That way it becomes a more managable experience instead of a mish mash.

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also not a bad idea, thing is with limited free time I sometimes feel a rush to try and get everything under control

You need to focus on learning how to defend yourself before you start performing healing work. I’ve done a fair amount of healing magick and I can tell you it can lead to attacks from astral parasites and negative entities attached to the person you’re trying to help.

I would specifically work on these skills:

  • banishing
  • shielding
  • expelling nasty energy from within your body
  • destroying or un-making a pattern of energy

As far as wanting to work with Lucifer conflicting with the angel reiki, I doubt that’s a real concern. I think if any conflicts exist, they exist within you and not with the spirits.

There was a time I wondered if the conflict between angels and demons was real. So I evoked Raphael and Belial at the same time to ask for their help on a healing ritual I was working on. They didn’t have any conflicts at all and both worked together to help me with the ritual.


Thats Great!
I arrived at the same conclusion regarding defence, it seems to be the sensible option. I actually impulse bought 3 books last week one of them covers protective magick specifically plus its indiscriminate of path or orders so that fits perfectly.
Gonna slow it down and focus on that for a bit before I dive back in.

Thats good to hear regarding work with Lucifer, I was definitely able to contact Lucifer and get a visual response very quickly simply through prayer and altered reiki techniques, so it’d seem a shame not to pursue that further.

Being more experienced than I at summoning spirits, may I ask how you went about summoning two entities at once?
Its more of a question for the future than for now, but I’m curious about the method.

Thanks for your response, it was quite useful!

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Glad it helped.

Being more experienced than I at summoning spirits, may I ask how you went about summoning two entities at once?

To answer that question, I’ve got to touch on two basic principles I’ve learned …

  1. Everything in magick is driven by intention.
  2. Magick is personal. You can learn from other people, but your magick is uniquely yours.

I think that’s the hard part, ya know? Figuring out how to make it work for you.

I don’t go through big long evocation rituals. If I can get a decent link to a spirit, I can evoke them.

Some links to a spirit I’ve used are:

  • the spirit’s name
  • the spirit’s sigil
  • the feeling of a spirit that’s come to me without my calling
  • a video from E.A. where he was talking about the spirit
  • a video from E.A. where he evoked the spirit
  • reading about a spirit in a book

The more links I can get, the easier it is to evoke it.

For Raphael and Belial, I’d already evoked and communicated with both of them separately, so it was a lot easier for me to reconnect with them.

Since I already had a relationship with both spirits, I just mentally connected with Raphael and said “I need the advice of you and Belial on this healing ritual. Do you have any issues with working together with Belial on this ritual for me?”

When he told he didn’t, I evoked both of them.

The exact procedure was I drew both of their sigils on a sheet of noteback paper, side by side, because I thought of them as equal partners in this operation.

Then I softened my gaze at the sigil as I mentally clarified my intention to evoke them.

Then I intoned Raphael’s name over and over, asking him to come. When he appeared to me in my mind’s eye (i don’t see them with my actual eyes), I asked him to wait a moment while I evoked Belial.

Same exact process there. He and Belial both appeared to me in my mind’s eye and we started the conversation.

But that’s what I’ve found to work for me. When you find what works for you, you can figure out how to change your intention to do it your way.

Now, I’m not a mind reader, but I know someone’s gonna ask “How many spirits can you evoke at one time?”

My answer: How many can YOU handle? lol

I’ve personally done this with 7 very powerful spirits (including the 4 Demonic Kings) at one time and I’ve gotta admit it was a little exhausting by the end.

There was a lot of energetic pressure on me when I was doing that and I couldn’t keep it up for more than an hour.

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Awesome, I get what you’re saying totally :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: