Astrology Sigil Magic: Hasmed in Leo


I’d like to share a Sigil with You All that was inspired by My Ascendant in Leo. Note: This will work just as well without Leo in your personal Astrology, I was reassured by the Constellation Itself.

The Synergy of the Annihilating Angel HASMED in the Candor of LEO is a wonderful combination for destroying old thought patterns and emotions, or any barrier or obstacle that incessantly resists Your Will. HASMED (also referred to as the “Unmaker”) channels the Power of the Will in the Zealous Confidence of Leo to undeniably raze the targeted energy/obstacle.

If you’re constantly plagued by negative thoughtforms and inert energies, I strongly encourage you to employ this Sigil. It harnesses Solar Energy from Leo, so it doesn’t need to be charged. I suggest it is done over the weekend where you’ll have a few days to rejuvenate.

Simply gaze at the Sigil with the target or obstacle in Your Mind’s Eye to show Hasmed the objective; do this with self-assured energy of Leo. That’s it. Hasmed will take care of the Execution.

This energy is Nuclear in Nature; it is equal parts Solar Energy of Leo and the Destructive Force that is HASMED. You may find it too intense for you, especially if you know or find yourself immersed in dense, low vibrational energy. Use this Working at your discretion, and allow yourself plenty of rest to recover from the irradiated Solar energy.


Dude this is cool! I am actually Leo! :leo:

I have a question. Would you be so kind to share some history of Hasmed?

I love working with entity’s but I like to really get to know them before I do anything new. I know I can probably do a one time thing but I seem to have great results with getting to know them first & forming an relationship. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am acquainted with Him through a popular Oracle deck called Angelarium. I got acquainted with His energy. After some time He began coming to Me as though I’ve called Him, but He’s really just shown up right on time; moments before I know I need His Destroying energies.

I find Him to be rather patient, but You should be decisive, He doesn’t wait around for long because He’s kept quite busy.

He is Chaotic Good; I feel that You will get your results even without a personal relationship as He is devoted to Benevolence of all kinds. So as long as your request is genuine in Nature, He will most definitely descend upon it.

There isn’t too much information on His History available unless You’re looking for His Biblical History which has been referenced here; I know it doesn’t seem like a reliable source, but usually You’ll have help discerning the information as gain personal experience with the Entity.

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I appreciate that dude! I will give it a read.

Thank you for taking time to actually explain this & provide a link. I could do it myself of course, but bro… That’s actual effort right there. Most people would be rolling there eyes in the back of there head due to frustration when really,. it’s not even hard to do what you just did. It’s nice know this, your a beautiful person. <3

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No problem! We’re all here together. Besides, Leo is always happy to take action haha. Adding that link should’ve been a no-brainer anyway, so thanks for inquiring about one!

I appreciate your Gratitude and I reciprocate that energy in the Astral. :dizzy:

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That was so beautiful… I was working this past hour and all of a sudden I started feel like I was hang g out with old best friend I use to have. You have amazing energy. :battery:

I hope I was able to reciprocate back as well… I felt the energy and blockages being broken. I’m know I probably did the same for you, I’m a bit tired though I gotta go to sleep. :sweat_smile:

The world definitely needs more Leos.

It’s very hard for us, but easy at the same time out here. xD

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Aww man, that’s astounding! I do aspire to Michael’s energy (His Sphere is the Sun, and the Emanation of Beauty Tiphareth). He’s Altruistic in His Compassion and I’d like to embody that.

I have been feeling the energetic buzz of Leo even though I did that Ritual hours ago. I don’t feel tired enough to sleep; I definitely feel your energies! :leo: :smile:

Definitely; the Ferocity of Leo can be exhausting, but Our energy just always replenishes, especially after a cat nap. :joy:

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Yeah! I read your introduction post earlier today and noticed you! It’s crazy how things cause a chain reaction, the world is trying to connect us haha! Well hey, I’ll show you the old me.

Goodnight bro! :metal:

Old you eh? I feel immense Solar energy supported by Earth and some Neptunian Air! It’s an interesting blend. Would you like to PM? I don’t want to derail the topic, and I want to share my first Angel Vivaldi song. :blush:

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Yeah I’m down to talk through Pm’s!

It’s still the same me, but I’m much more matured now. That was like 6 or 7 years ago when the my heart chakra was highly active.

It’s crazy man… People always want more and more I’m always like “ here you go! “.

But Ive matured quite a bit since then… People really try and drain the life force sometimes when you take the risk to be truly vulnerable, there are some real cowards out there who taken advantage of our kindness. I learned that the hard way, so I say old me but really, it’s still the same me, but I’ve taken a deeper understanding of the darkness as well. xD

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