Astrology: Natal Chart and Magick

Despite the fact my Sun is in Cancer, i recently discovered my energy is mostly Air and a little of Fire.
Astrologically speaking i really lack from Water and Earth energies, and it explains a lot my personality: curious, analytical, avoidant, introverted, easily annoyed, obsessive thinking, adhd, pessimistic ecc…

Talking about Astrology, i’ve read that regardless of our guardian angels, should be imperative to work with our Sun and Moon correspondant Archangels to really boost up our life.
In my case, Sun in Cancer means Archangel Gabriel, and Moon in Acquarius means Archangel Cassiel/Zadkiel.
(I’m also Libra ascendant and my planetary governor is Venus, so Archangel Anael could be also good to work).

I’d like to start more in depth working in the most personal way.
So in my case i’d like to bring inside me more Water and Earth elemental energies to connect myself with my emotions/desires and be more productive and grounded in life.
And then also try to establish a good contact with my personal Archangels and angels.

Do you have any more infos on those topics?
I don’t know how and where to start.

You’re probably a Gemini in Vedic astrology, which may be why you feel more air.

I think it’s more accurate, at least it is for me by far.

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Alright, first you should note there is a large difference between modern astrology and traditional western (pre-1700s) astrology.

Traditional astrology looks at the power of each planet through a system of essential and accidental dignity. Modern astrologers look at the signs in a way that is different from traditional astrology and in a way that is not very beneficial for the magick practitioner.

For example, with the fact that the Sun was in Cancer and the Moon was in Aquarius, this may mean that they were peregrine, meaning without essential dignity, which is a minor affliction. If they were peregrine, they were descending rather weakly (although accidental dignity must also be looked at through house placements), which can mean spirits of that nature won’t take as much of a liking to you and petitions to them will not manifest as quickly as it would for someone who was born when they were well dignified and strong. But, it is still fine to work with the spirits of that nature, such as Michael (angel of the Sun) and Gabriel (angel of the Moon).

Now, what will reveal your character above the rest will be the ruler of the Ascendant, which in this case is Venus. If Venus was strongly dignified, such as in being in her Signs Taurus, and Libra, or her Exaltation, which is Pisces. If she was in those signs when you were born, she was well dignified, and that such a person will be “quiet … not given to Law, Quarrel or Manners and Wrangling; not Vitious, Pleasant, Neat and Spruce, loving Mirth in his own words and actions, cleanly in Apparel, rather Drinking much then Gluttonous, prone to Venery, oft entangled in Love-matters, Zealous in their affections, Musicall, delighting in Baths, and a honest merry Meetings, or Maskes and Stage-playes, easie of Beliefe, and not given to Labour, or to any Pains, a Company-keeper, Cheerful, nothing Mistrustful, a right vertous Man or Woman, oft had in some Jealousie, yet no cause for it” (William Lilly, Christian Astrology 1st Ed 1647, Page 73-74)

So, we see a person with such a placement will be drawn to social joys and interaction, love the arts, especially want romance, and seek after pleasure in life.
Now, if she was afflicted by essential dignity, which is if she was in Aries or Scorpio, William Lilly says such a person will be “Riotous, Expensive, wholly given to Loosnesse and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Reputation, coveting unlawful Beds, Incestuous, an Adulterer, Fantastical, a meer Skip-jack, of no Faith, no Repute, no Credit; spending his Means in Ale Houses, Taverns, and amonst Scandalous, Loose people; a meer Lazy companion, nothing carefuul of the things in this Life, or any thing Religious; a meer Athiest and natural man” (Page 74)

So, such a person is likely to be unfaithful in relationships, overly lustful, and overly seeking after pleasures such as drinking and drugs, inconstant, and so on. There is a whole spectrum in between this, so the description William Lilly gives here is meant to serve as an example for what Venus is like in people that were born when she was well and ill dignified (particularly when she was the ruler of the Ascendant).

Now, Venus would have a different effect if she was Peregrine as well. So, much of this is best interpreted with full knowledge. But back to the main point. If she was well dignified, then working with spirits of that nature can be excellent and you will likely find much success from it. Hanael is the angel of Venus. Now, if she was ill dignified, working with them will likely be tough and petitions to them will come after delays and sorrow.

If she was ill dignified, the effects of that can be relieved by doing devotional practices to the spirit of Venus. Remember however, that the 7 traditional planets are not the gods who they are named after, but these are the structurers of the entire cosmos. The planets as material bodies do not necessarily cause effects on earth, but rather they point towards higher spiritual cycles that govern the material world, as all physical objects and such point towards these higher spiritual cycles, as Plotinus says in his Enneads.

Learning traditional astrology is difficult to learn and requires great labour to master, as well as study of Neoplatonic and Hermetic philosophy (but not from modern sources). It is also not only one field like natal astrology, but rather there is also electional astrology, which is choosing auspicious times to take action by timing them by the movements of the heavens, which itself is more powerful than the magick that at least most magicians do, and there is horary astrology, which is divining events by observing the state of the heavens at the moment the question as understood (William Lilly was a true master of this) and a few other fields. However, it pays off very well.

Apologies for typos and such, as a message this long is hard to review.


I didn’t know those differencese between modern and ancient astrology.
I’ve also read more recently that probably our astrology is all wrong since sign are shifted by some days during the year.

By the way, unfortunately i’ve NO planet in dignity or exaltation… I have instead planets in exile and fall…

Sun: Cancer(nor good nor bad)
Moon: Acquarius(nor good nor bad)
Mercury: Leo(fallen)
Venus: Leo(nor good nor bad)
Mars: Libra(exiled)
Jupiter: Acquarius and Retrograde(bad)
Saturn: Aries(fallen)
Uranus: Acquarius and Retrograde(bad)
Neptune: Capricorn and Retrograde(fallen but not so much thanks to retrgradeness)
Pluto: Sagittarius and retrograde(bad)

Well, guess i’ve no luck here.

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Don’t worry about that, it comes from people who don’t understand the philosophy of astrology to begin with. Some think the signs are shifted because the stars have moved from their original location due to the procession of the equinoxes. But, the position of the signs were never set because of the position of the stars in traditional western astrology. The position of the zodiac signs are set based on the seasons. Each of the Moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are set where they are because when the Sun enters them, the seasons change rapidly.
They knew of the procession of the equinoxes from nearly 2000 years ago.

Vedic astrology instead sets the boundary of the Signs by the position of fixed stars (although, they don’t agree with which star should be used as the starting point), and this is perfectly fine. Any traditional system is fine, but modern astrology tends to be innacurate when it comes to prediction and really just about anything other than analyzing the psychology of a person.
For Western Traditional Astrology, they are not set on the material stars, and in fact, traditionally they saw the material world as being imperfect, while the higher spiritual world is perfect. And we see how well the system works through the extreme accuracy of Electional and Horary astrology.

This does not necessarily mean they are without essential dignity, there are still Triplicities, Terms, and Faces/Decans. (Seems none of the traditional planets would have been in their Triplicity, however)

However, Mercury’s Fall is not in Leo, so he is likely fine as well. I’m not looking at the 3 modern planets, even though certainly they can also serve as a sign. But you can arrive at near complete accuracy without considering them, so they are not as perfect a representative of the spiritual heavens as the 7 traditional planets are.

Now, seems only Saturn and Mars would have been severely afflicted by essential dignity, the rest seem to be fine, so working with spirits of the natures of those planets should be fine. Even Jupiter. Retrograde is a minor affliction, but still an affliction, however, when it comes to working with the spirits of the nature of Jupiter this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Since Saturn was in his Fall, and Mars in his Detriment, you may find working with spirits of that nature to be troublesome at times. If they are beneficent, most of the time it will be fine, but petitions to them are unlikely to come as swiftly. If you have worked with spirits of that nature before, you’ll likely have experienced this. So, doing devotional work to the Intelligence of Saturn and Mars can be good.

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Any advice on where to start with planetary magick?
Also, is my main element Air? Or it’s modern astrology also wrong on that?
Because if that’s not the case, i think i should also try to connect with Air demons specifically right?
And what about Archangels of Sun and Moon? Do you know any details on them?
As i said, i’ve read from a guy that my birth Archangels are Gabriel and Cassiel.

Well the first step would be to understand the traditional essential dignity assignments of each planet, how to read an ephemerides to find when each planet will be well dignified or afflicted, how to read an astrological chart and read house placements for accidental dignity. Afterwards, reading Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy can be a good start, as can reading William Lilly’s Christian Astrology. Both have excellent sections dedicated to what each planet rules over.

A good practical start to planetary magick is using the planetary hours. Time your actions to the appropriate planetary hours, and do your rituals in the appropriate planetary hours as well (And preferably the day as well). There is a good section on what magick each planetary hour is good for in The Lesser Key of Solomon, and a good section on what actions should be done in each hour in Henry Coley’s ‘Clavis Astrologiae Elimata’

Well, going by the planets, three planets were in Air signs when you were born, and three were in Fire signs. So, you could say that you especially are of the nature of Fire and Air, and so spirits of that nature would be more drawn to you. So, you could try working with them, preferably if they are of the nature of a planet that wasn’t ill dignified when you were born. But for spirits of the nature of planets who are, it may be best to do divination beforehand if working with them will be beneficial for you.

Well that would be Michael and Gabriel, respectively, according to William Lilly, and other authors of the time.

I wouldn’t personally recommend the modern sources for guardian angels or birth angels. There is a section in the 3rd Book of the Lamegeton that claims that a group of 12 angels are the guardian angels of each person and gives methods on how to determine which one is your guardian angel, but in my opinion, I don’t believe these angels are the guardian spirits of each person. Rather, it seems the Personal Daimon is as unique as the individual, and some traditional sources such as Three Books of Occult Philosophy has a method of determining the name of one’s Personal Daimon if you know the exact degree the Ascendant was in when you were born. I find this to be more accurate, but praying to your Personal Daimon without their name is also a great practice, so don’t let it stop you if you can’t figure out their name. But, I would be very skeptical of any sources that claims that, say, Archangel Michael is a common guardian angel of people.

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I’m actually calculating daimon name and hga trough some tools reccomended here in the forum.
By the way, Uranus is in Acquarius so in its Domain. Should it be good for workings?
How and what can i get advantage on?
Any angels/demons related to Uranus?

Do you work with vedic astrology?