Astrology Magick Journal

I decided to start an Astrology journal thread because I couldn’t find anything like that around here. The focus will be planetary placements and spiritual influences tied to them. Thus may give insight into which spiritual activities might be most optimal for success.

Feel free to post your thoughts! :+1:


First entry:
Saturn Retrograde (June 3, 2022 - Oct. 24, 2022)
Saturn in Aquarius

As Saturn’s retrograde continues in Aquarius, a major “wrap-up” phase in life is indicated. The results of past cycles are manifesting. (whether positive or negative) Former patterns are broken while also showing need for effort in building new ones and manifesting fruits of labor. From this, major breakthroughs in life are very possible at this stage.

Spirits To Work With:
Spirits who specialize in perceptions and understanding may be most powerful in this stage. Gaining new insight into opportunity and strategy, as well as inspiration and reflection may benefit anyone looking for strong progress. (Those signs of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus)


Uranus in Taurus (through April 27, 2026)
Uranus is the planet of upheavals and sudden motion. Changes are erratic and unpredictable, whether subtle or drastic. Boundaries are broken by expansion beyond what is understood. Taurus is very grounded and solid in their efforts, disliking change but always focused on their goals. This denotes a chapter of frequent change in financial standing and things of personal nature.

Spirits To Work With:
For discovering opportunity in these turbulent times, spirits known to deal in finding treasure would boost chances at big success. For the career types, spirits who manifest “abundance” and financial stability would greatly help.

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Pluto Retrograde (Through Oct 6, 2022)
Pluto in Capricorn (through Jan 21, 2024)

Pluto is the planet of transformation and upheaval. It’s retrograde brings the surfacing of deeply buried emotions and thoughts often destructive to balance. Instability in life and the mind can manifest, sometimes unexpectedly. The things which hold us back are more strongly seen and need acknowledgment to progress.

Capricorn strengthens this effect. It’s dry, melancholic, critical nature is amplified by Pluto’s malefic power. This is a time where perseverance is most important. Focus and patience are needed. The groundwork performed now will create lasting effects which could mean a new lifestyle.

Spirits To Work With:
There will continue to be heavy shadow work in the coming year. Spirits who bring healing and progress from past experiences can help most. Those who help build foundations (of all types) will also be great.


I don’t think sole planetary placements can help you much in regards to your personal life. Mundane astrology is much bigger in scope than that. I’d look into your natal progressions if you wanted something precise

Each person is unique to their Natal and Secondary progressions, which affects how they evolve in their life. But the transit do affect the broad scope of influences at work in the world, and do have a role in the spiritual circumstances around people. Problem is, nobody can read everyone else’s chart to determine their personal needs. So transits are all I can do here.

Mundane astrology is the astrology of nations. I don’t believe its influences can even be observed on individual people because it’s so broad in scope. Not to be rude or anything because that’s not the point, but reading the descriptions of transits you posted reminds me of daily newspaper horoscopes.

Imo, wrong tool for the job but that’s just my take.

Unless you’re doing individual readings for people, that’s all that can be done. Most don’t study charts on a deeper level to know different methods. Same with Tarot horoscopes. But many occultists practice tarot, anyway. I’ve found barely any black magicians who specialize in astrology.

Which I find funny cause if you get ahold of someone’s birth chart, especially with a spirit guiding you on interpretation, you can find out A LOT of shit about them. Astrology is underrated in the LHP. :grin:

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Zodiac & Playing Card Correspondences
The traditional minor arcana of the tarot are organized much like the Playing cards, except there is also the knight. (Resembling the original French Deck)

-The modern playing card (poker) deck is perfectly symmetrical to the Greek zodiac.
-Each card 2 - 10 is one of the 3 nodes of each sign (36 cards total)
-The 12 court cards = The 12 zodiac signs; each 3 in suit are the modes. (Cardinal, fixed & Mutable)
-Four suits = The elements. (Aces being the raw potential of the element) Black & White = Yes/No

Each spirit of the Ars Goetia has their tarot correspondences. Such can be used to identify where in your chart they correspond to, and how they aspect to your planetary placements. Thus can show how they might affect you and your nature, also your energetic environment. (your surroundings)

Here is the first page to a Zodiac Guide document I wrote when I was first learning. Thought this might be useful for those wanting a quick cheat sheet.