Astrology formula to find a patron demon

Hey there guys, can someone please put it? The Astrology formula to find the patron demon? It was somehow difficult to do the mathemathics to find it out. You need to know the exact birthday date, birthplace and exact birthtime thou.
Once you get the place of the patron demon look it up in the demons SHEMHAMPHORASH



I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. I think in “Modern Demonolatry” on page 56.
Let me know.

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Its a lot of similar stuff rare, in a book, of howard vernon. From daemonic dreams, he give the 12 zodiak, meaning etc. But to knw the cares, life job etc is another thing, its a book, supost,spoken from the devil to a magician tat the devil go from zodiak, demons to jobs, lots of options u zodiak chart, not the classic we knw. I dnt have tat book, searching for it. It coulbe months but i will post some pages if i get it.



Contrary to popular belief, your horoscope doesn’t determine your patron.

The best way to find out is to ask each spirit.


There is an astrology formula which allows you to find the personal demon who suits your vibration at birth. I don’t remember the formula exactly but has to do with Ascendent and the Sun and difficult mathemathics. It’s a very interesting aspect to know thou.


@Rav Hate to revive an old thread but did u ever find this? It’s really useful

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Yes it would be

Yes it had to do with the sun and the moon. I have it somewhere. I would have to look for it.

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I’d appreciate it bro if u could

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Yeah there was a thread a while ago and mine came up with Sallos but to be honest i don’t really have a connection with him.

The Spirits of the Goetia are assigned to the degrees of the Zodiac, just as the Angels of the Shem. If you believe this, you can make the horoscope chart for the time of your birth and look up which Spirits are connected to the degrees in which all planets were at the time of your birth.
Some people believe in this, others don’t, I do.

Howard vernon has a book in demonology astrology, i dnt follow tat pact. Another guy say just conjure and invoke to gain a demon familiar, but a book say the devil give u a demon to follow as long u look and get conection based in you birt chart. I knw confuse

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Have you found about it?