Astrological transits

My mother is in the hospital due to three strokes in a few days. Now she is recovering.
Next year I’ll have in the same time Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto opposite to my Moon radix in cancer.
It could be a sign for a physical death?


Astrology is far too complex to give valid predictions based only on just a few astrological aspects.
This opposition is not easy but it doesn’t mean it’s time to die.

No because you put your big kid pants on, read that frickin’ PDF I linked you earlier :stuck_out_tongue: and stop believing in anything which does not serve you.

Next year, the old things you dislike about yourself die, maybe?

I just hope it’s the book-dodgin’ part of you. :wink: :+1:


I know chinese astrology. It can map out your health cycles or cycles in other areas of life. It’s more easier to analyze with chinese astrology. I’m not verse in western astrology. When there is clash on all my pillars I had death of friendship for some stupid reasons created by her about couple months ago. That was definitive conclusion. Of course it happened about 2 yrs ago that our friendship went bye bye lingering putting me on a string. chinese astrology pretty accurate. Major or important things happening and i check after the fact on the astrology chart and it explains it… It’s not even valid reason on her part. usually these kind of clash can relate to death or accidents of sorts… It’s formula lets you know bad stuff happening. Some of the celebrity deaths have triple clashes. You really have to look further into the representation energy of your chart at that time. I think same with western astrology. The key is don’t freak out. you have to analyze the astrological signs in more detail. Each person is different.

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