Astral Wars

Almost every second person knows what the Astral is, from common, easily accessible sources. These are films, books, and various sources of fiction.

In reality, the Astral, or rather its average level, the closest level to our physical world, is a special platform of action, which has its own basic rules and principles of interaction between the inhabitants of this world. It is a separate world, with its own culture and properties of space. If we take the average level of the Astral, where many people who do not consciously leave the body go. Those who consciously practice exits from the body using various techniques. The rules of interaction with this world differ from those familiar to our consciousness. Everything there is based on emotions, through a measured reaction. What beginners have to deal with is a colossal outburst of emotions and parallel energy into space. Which, in turn, excites the space, and attracts, and more often worries the neighbors. Those creatures of the middle Astral who are always its inhabitants there. Needless to say, anxiety through measured, hyperemotionality causes a response from the inhabitants. After that, you are attacked by those entities that noticed you, and decided that you are a good source of energy and food for them. It’s a good opportunity to get a boost, since you’ve been spotted and noticed. And secrecy and the right state of emotions, energy is one of the main criteria that minimize the appearance of problems there. Therefore, so that you do not put yourself at risk, and do not bother, do not create critical situations there. By their improper behavior, there are certain spirits who protect the order on the middle Astral. If a beginner does not behave correctly when he gets to the middle Astral, he is grabbed by the handles and kicked back into the body. There may be 2-3 such warnings, then you may be blocked from entering the Astral for the rest of your life by the same Astral guardians of order. And you will never be able to appear there. Also, many have heard and know that the Astral, especially the lower levels where the most insidious demons and spirits live, is very dangerous. It is dangerous because you may simply not return to your body, your astral shell being devoured by these dangerous entities will leave the body unconscious. Roughly speaking, a body without one of the elements of the soul will be just a vegetable in a coma. Until the organs fail completely, etc. The so-called ( Larva) spirits that can be the most dangerous for you there, appear on the average level. And if a person, when meeting with such a spirit, gives an energetic and emotional outburst of fear. It will start to turn on the imagination. " Larva " considers on a mental level your most terrible fear and the image of a monster that you would not want to meet. And it will take his form, then attack your Astral body, or even jump into the physical before you. And then you will become possessed, and you will share your physical body with a parasite that will constantly feed on the energy that you exude.
Of course, at a lower level, in the Lower Astral there are creatures much more dangerous than " Larvae ", and banal parasites like plankton, which is stupid and has in its set a desire to eat your energy or parasitize. There are demonic creatures that can get attached to you in such a way that they will torture you to death. Your loved ones, and they will take your souls into slavery for themselves. Such demonic creatures have a kind of storehouse of souls, where they put their victims to eternal torment. Of course, on the middle and lower Astral, not all entities and spirits are so non-plastic in agreement and communication. There are demons and spirits with whom you can negotiate, receive sacred knowledge from them, or protection with support. The spirits of the teacher, or spirits that help not to make mistakes in the development process. In general, the spirits are mentors, they can appear themselves, offering their help, or you can encounter them there. They take the image of animals with humanized behavior and attributes. Or for a turnover, in the form of people, but with enormously powerful energy. Which you obviously won’t be able to meet with a person every time. Before entering the Astral level, you need to know the basic rules of behavior, you already need to have fundamental knowledge about protection and defense. That is, to know and practice techniques that will help to create protective shells around your Astral body, will also help to create special weapons and tools. Which will help you complete specific tasks. If we are talking about stealing resources, this is one tool. If we are talking about rollback protection, then this is a different technique. If this is the creation of a very effective and dangerous weapon at the Astral level. It is also a technique that will help you create and use it. To attack enemies and destroy them. Or defend yourself.

There is also a way past the creation of weapons, Astral “Shapeshifting”. On the Astral level, turning into your Totem animal, or conducting reconnaissance, or attacking the enemy. This is also called Shamanic shapeshifting, but the difference from Astral is that in Champagne you can " Hack " ( hack) the subconscious of the animal you need. Let’s say the nearest Raven, already on the physical level, shares his consciousness by suppressing his consciousness. And using the body of this animal, either to attack, or to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance. Astral " Shapeshifting " helps to turn into a dangerous and predatory beast and tear apart the energy structures and the Astral body of the enemy. Often, professionals in this business create mental projections, dragging the enemy’s consciousness into them. A person thinks that he is dreaming, and in this projection he is eventually subjected to an astral attack with severe bodily injuries.

What are the consequences?

The consequences are as follows: First of all, if the mental projection worked like a trap, and you were hacked or torn to pieces, you will wake up in your physical body after the end of the fight. But on the physical level, the problems will only begin. This is a sharp malaise, almost all important organs may refuse to work normally. There may be severe nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness. In general, it will feel like a severe sunstroke, or poisoning of the body. All this can take 2-3 days or even a week. It all depends on your energy potential and you personally as a practitioner. If you are a strong practitioner, recover quickly. If you are weak, you can die.

Therefore, it is possible to deal with your enemies by killing them physically through Astral " Werewolf". It is not necessary to cause damage. But all this requires you to constantly train, understand the fundamental and other rules and knowledge. A lot of energy and vitality. Those who lead a martial way of practicing magic know what I’m talking about. Any imposition of damage is a great investment of energy. And when you’re a weapon yourself, you have to be energetically like a nuclear reactor.

Do not confuse ordinary sleep with Astral exits, or Lucid dreams. An ordinary dream is a mental projection created by your subconscious mind to relive those situations and moments of their memory that have accumulated during the day. You literally have to live them in a dream, those moments that are psychologically important for you to work out with your brain and let go. Therefore, sleep is a projection, a training ground inside your subconscious mind where you free yourself from nervous tension, plus your body is resting. As for lucid dreaming, this is a state in which a person, being in an artificially created reality, can become aware of himself in it. Realizing that all this is a dream, a projection, and not real life. And without leaving it, having the opportunity to design this projection and change its characters and algorithms, plots. As for the Astral, this is a separate level, actually existing, a separate world layer of non-physical matter. Which has its own rules and principles of space, inhabitants and visitors. The worldwide Astral Network. Therefore, do not confuse these concepts.

Let’s figure out what sleep Paralysis is. Which is so often mentioned in films about demons, etc. Sleep paralysis is a condition intentionally caused by the brain. The body, with the help of protective, natural mechanisms embedded in the brain, turns off, or simply put, paralyzes your muscles. In addition to the organs of life and activity, all other limbs remain paralyzed by 70% of the brain. This process starts during deep sleep. In the phase of healthy, deep sleep. This is done by the brain so that during sleep, you do not go out the window or jump off the balcony. That is, it does not allow the body to move chaotically. Deviations of this process are called diseases such as " Sleepwalking " or " Samnambulism ". People with violations of such protection processes, that is, with their absence, a malfunction occurs and they begin to walk around the house or apartment in their sleep. And it is not uncommon for this to end in tragedy. Cases when Sleep paralysis is caused by a Larva, or a demon are rare, but they are also present. And they can often be confused with ordinary sleep paralysis, fanning panic out of it and spreading gossip to the public. Many people like it, too. If we talk about Sleep paralysis caused by a demon or a Larva, then first of all they are different. It feels like it’s not just an inability to move and make any sounds. This is a face-to-face encounter with your abuser (demon), this is the feeling that vital forces and energy are being pulled from you with great speed and quantity. This is a feeling of deep longing, depression, panic fear, horror, hysteria. After that, bruises, claw marks, tentacles, paws, bites, bloody scratches, burns may appear on the body. Ordinary sleep paralysis caused by the brain does not have any of the above consequences. Except for a slight fright that it will not work for the first 2-3 minutes to move or scream.

Astral pets, spirits that inhabit the Middle, lower Astral which can be used as combat support in battles against enemies. Or defend against enemies with the support of these spirits.

Naturally, one can comprehend the mastery of Astral practices and get the maximum benefit for oneself from this direction only through careful preparation and training. Rarely does anyone manage to reach the professional level without consequences, and bring their consciousness to it. Here it is better to contact a specialist who knows everything that you should study like a fish in water. In theory and in practice, it will help you bring your consciousness and subconscious to the right level of professionalism.


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