Astral Vampire

So I don’t start topics or anything but I thought this to be a cool one.

For several years, I was in this panic-stricken state that was very abnormal. I have PTSD, so I know a thing or two about anxiety attacks and depressive episodes but they weren’t on the same level as the ones I was experiencing. I thought it was possession, psychic attacks, curses, schizophrenia, cancer, etc. I mean I was worried. I had heard of astral vampires before but no solid contact. I had even begun to suspect it to be my shadow self but that wasn’t really sitting right with me. For the longest time, I felt this psychic energy running into the top of my head chakra, running into my brain and slowly tearing a hole in it.

By the time the symptoms emerged, I had completely stopped occult work for various career reasons (I was in the military). Well, doing banishings didn’t end my issue so I was naturally alarmed that maybe God cursed me or I cut some uber-powerful wizard off in traffic.

Turns out, it was some astral vampire, otherwise known as larvae or “lemure.” I had fallen asleep to process some things and I felt ready to confront whatever was there that had been bothering me for close to 4-5 years now. I was in this gray, sullen and depressive plane to what looked like my bedroom. I kept hearing tapping, rapping (E.A. Poe-style) noises and this chilling area. My body heat was on FIRE and for all intents and purposes, it seemed like a demonic attack- but one I had never heard of.

So, after some horrifying sounds, feelings and a general sense of foreboding, I decided to grab this black, evil looking tendrils coming from my bed/brain. I demanded the entity to show itself and called for some angelic help. Af-Kaziel shows up, who is super cool by the way, and helps me drag out this enormous, giant, gray-ghost looking flea the size of a fucking car from my brain.

When I say that thing looked like some astral larva, it DID. It let out a scent but I think I masked my with some incense that I had used before- Dragon’s Blood, but I could only imagine the putrid scent it would’ve released. I had heard that some astral entities worked like physical animals but not that exact detail. That thing was ugly. And scary, knowing it had burrowed itself into my mind like that- as would any bug.

They scream too, by the way, like any animal would when it knows it’s home was being disturbed. That sucker got fat from years of sucking off negativity and depression. It ended up getting in the way of real positive stuff and my magical work is much better.

So, if you ever feel drained of life, it’s an astral bug. If it gets to the point of you needing a stay in a psych ward, you gonna need to get some tweezers and a flamethrower.

Also, if you don’t know who Af-Kaziel is, it’s actually a sprite, combing two angels: Af (wrath) and Cassiel (the Speed of God). Both are destroying angels (wicked angels). Kaziel’s the form he takes when he judges the life and death of Kings. Sounds strange, perhaps, as to why I would need one because of a bug but it makes sense in the true context that an astral vampire was ruling me. Likewise, he appeared as big, red, demon man with a flaming sword. It actually was the image of a Doomguard from Warcraft 3

It is congruent to Cassiel’s form, which resembles Ashtaroth’s as a bearded Djinn, riding a dragon. If you don’t know, djinnies (genies) are fire spirits. I always thought doomguards looked like dragons to me and the flaming sword is the same the Cherubim carry when guarding the gates of Eden.

Here’s basically what the astral vampire looked like, except more ghostly and astral-looking. You’ll have to scroll down to about the middle of the page: