Astral-travel journal

My efforts to enter the astral plane and travel through it have a background. Several times I went into the astral plane spontaneously and for a short time. It was connected with Astaroth and then I got scared of it. There were also my independent attempts to exit, but not entirely successful. After that, travel to the astral plane was forgotten for a long time.

Now I decided to resume the practice of trying to enter the astral plane and travel through it. I decided to ask for help in developing the out-of-body ability from Prince Orobas, as well as awareness of my dreams. I asked him two days ago for this and the first night nothing happened. I only had a vivid dream.

The second night I also had a dream. However, I woke up too early and fell asleep a second time. At first I had a dream again, but then I suddenly told myself that it was a dream. After this realization, I found myself as if in my body. It was as if I slept and did not sleep at the same time. The eyes were tightly closed, but I felt my body. I started trying to move my arms and legs, which was hard enough. Arms and legs seemed to be pulled back. Then I tried to turn my head, which was much easier, and tried to open my eyes. The right one did not open, but the left one opened and I was able to partially look around my room. Almost nothing was changed except that part of the door sparkled and near the bed where I lay there was a large, but deflated blue ball.

When I tried to look around the room again, I saw a spirit / entity with large eyes near me. He had three dark brown eyes with long eyelashes (the third in his forehead) and he was smiling. I did not feel any threat or fear, and after this episode I woke up and thanked Prince Orobas for the first result.

I must say that this is so far the most vivid experience of going into the astral plane, since here two moments are combined - the awareness of one’s dream and an attempt to go into the astral plane.


Unexpectedly, today I received confirmation (maybe a little belated) that Prince Orobas is ready to help me in my attempts to enter the astral plane. I asked him to give me any confirmation that he is ready to cooperate with me (naturally, in some way connected with him) and today I received an offer related to horses.

Therefore, I suppose that our cooperation will develop, especially since I described the first successful experience above.


This is really wonderful achievement, I am trying astral travel just for past few days.
Going into astral plane, the idea itself excites me, but on practical level, I am just wondering how will this ability to astral travel help in day to day activities.
Any thoughts please?


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Thank you! For example, on the astral plane, one can try to gain knowledge from certain spheres of life from spirits and explore various areas of the astral plane.

With regard to gaining knowledge, I would very much like to explore this on myself (since I have certain areas where I would like to achieve great results).

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Ciao (I’m from Italy too)
It will develope your astral senses, just an example I red here long time ago.
Imagine you’re studying a foreign language, is it better to read sentences in that language or going directly to the country in wich that language is spoken?
The same happens with astral plane and your capacities of (astral) hearing and (astral) seeing
Obviously there are a lot of reasons, but day to day I think this is the main improvement you can see in yourself