Astral Travel and Remote Viewing


I just started studying remote viewing. I am curious if anyone here is experienced at both astral travel and remote viewing. Hopefully I can phrase this right…is the process the same for both? Is one just a method of traveling further than the other (such as traveling to a higher plane)? Is it that remote viewing is just pin pointing the target and astral travel is experiencing or seeing the whole trip to the target?


Think of it this way - remote viewing is astral travel for your eyes only. It’s like your sending out a spiritual video cam probe.


I consider them to be of two different schools of thought. On the one hand when I do remote viewing I’m not going anywhere but calling a real time image of a person/place into my mind and I watch that image and can psychically effect change in that environment to certain degrees. But astral travel is in my opinion the act of actually going there without your body and experiencing that environment from a first hand perspective instead of just being an “eye in the sky”. The spiritual video cam probe as DK puts it in some schools of thought is actually a technique of astral projection in which you create an astral vessel and transfer your consciousness into it to a certain degree so you can do certain astral workings while still maintaining a presence in your physical body as well. That technique was mentioned in Llewellyns practical guide to astral projection as an advanced technique but i find it easier to pull off than actual astral projection in most cases.


Kitari, I like your eye in the sky reference. Just started with remote viewing but it seems like it’s all about seeing the destination but not the journey. Still intriguing to me.