Astral Temple With Lots of Doors

Every night for 5 days I meditated on Mesphito and on the 5th night I received an astral temple. It’s like a tower that went on forever with stairs
that lined the stone walls. The first set of stairs led to a blue door, the next set led to a red door, the next one led to a brown door, and the last one led to a white door. I don’t know how to describe it but I could feel more stairs leading up to more doors but there was this darkness blocking me from going forward.

When I first discovered the doors I had this overwhelming feeling that they were representations of the four elements and I needed to go through those doors to get to the others. Today I went through the blue door after a few days of waiting and I was immediately met with a hall that had three halls that I could walk down but before I could water rushed from one hallway and filled the hall I was in with rushing water like in the movie The Shining.

I was pulled by the water current down the hallway to my left and magically appeared on the east side of a temple covered in algae; I was still riding the water that some how became a river. The river was viscous and I was twisted, turned, and flipped until I was thrown onto a platform on the edge of a waterfall.

There was a woman that said she was a water nymph and that her name was Neva, her hair was jet black and it ran ramped above her head. Her skin was a glowing shade of brown with pale wavy lines that wrapped around her body—they moved like snakes and seemed to be alive. She moved like she was made of water that wanted to be released as she danced; she danced in a way that seemed wild but calm. There was a sudden shift in energy that surrounded Neva and she seemed different but the same if thats anyway to describe the experience.

The name Nessa ran through my head after that happened and before anything else could happen my brother came into my room and I was thrown off the platform and back from where I came from.


I’m following so far. I’m interested in how your explorations go.