Astral Projection through Ajna Chakra?

I have not yet succeeded in mastering AP
Recently have been using Binaural Beats combined with meditation
No luck yet but I noticed activity in the Ajna Chakra

I previously thought that AP was launched from the solar plexus because that is the area which experiences a jolt when reconnecting after a dream or sleep etc

But is conscious AP actually launched via the Ajna ?

What would someone who has achieved AP recommend I focus on from here?

I don’t consider myself an expert, but you can exit from a few places, including (but not limited to) your heart, crown, third eye.

From my experience, you need:

  • total physical relaxation (a lot of people overlook this step; go back to it)
  • at least a light trance
  • energy body stimulation (your chakra work is part of this)
  • an exit technique
  • the ability to recall that you actually exited

I would keep doing your energy stimulation exercises, relaxation exercises, and trance work every day. Whenever you feel up to it, do it all and try for an exit. Try using a chair, so each time you nod off, you can fall back into trance and try again - that way you might get 10 or more attempts per session.

When you finally get out, keep it short and sweet. Get out, look around a bit, and then go back in. This will help you remember it so you can write it down. Once you remember it once, it’ll be easier to do again.

getting a jolt around the solar plexus seems to me evidence that I got out, but didn’t know it, and then suddenly reconnected
does this sound right?

Yep, that very well could have been a successful exit that you didn’t remember. That’s why you want to keep the first few exits short and sweet - a remembered short exit is worth 1000 times a forgotten long one. You’ll get better at remembering with practice.

 Just as another angle (my comments aren't worth anything- as not worth the paper they're printed on :) the interpretation of getting out , experiencing "something" and returning/re-integration .. and then remembering (which is meshing that Else exper into the "normal" before and after "here") is quite useful, not just in terms of steps and development, but that mind-set and what actions-insights it develops itself creates changes.

A big Issue I think, related to the above, is thinking one is going to be in a physical body in that other spot- seeing with eyeballs… etc… (in my opinion- yeah all have, who wants to hear- but also my exper: not only is sensory different than being in a body… also if it was the same sensory- there’s the bi-location aspect… ie even in full sensory deprivation one is still sensing that “screen” of Vehicle parked “HERE” in addition to the Other-Place…) thus the issue of many writers of Seeing your body… but that confuses things (I think)…
if one sees the same room via both, and they you wonder why it looked so strange “during”… more issue of awaken that “Other” and perceive from that Mind- sense its thoughts of what that “part of your Mind” that is not the Normal personality mind-state… what does that “Other” mind think if it sees what your body is perceiving (tap your perceptions- that mind think- strange?)

Thus a translation issue (not same as "AP"mind, but a Third- is Dream mind, I find Dream state is fully different- and another is beyond a “through” lens so to speak… anyway- one can shift between… thus one can go from AP into a Dream, or in a Dream “awaken” in to an AP… in the same way that one can be “awake” (as much as one is- ie not AP and nor asleep, but physically aware and moving)… one goes from awake into a Dream (ie fall asleep) or awake into AP (project)… or awaken into AP then AP into Dream (the usualy start project and drift off)… thus not a problem, just transitioning…

usually recommendation (see my below) is what I'd (per above) term Awake into Dream (barely or nearly all the way) then from Dream to AP.. then try from AP to Awake...  

Once back awake-- need translate and integrate =blur into one continuum


so this could be a working-method, or could be seen to have difficulties… my view being that recommendation of trance, relaxation, countdown (ie self-hyno attn drifting), space-out, and/or energize (hormonal and muscular-electro or just visualize-meditate; the second is often that first one)… all those divert and confuse:

one can just be aware of what is else-where not only while awake, even conversing… but even be “travelling” in that view (as if walking AP) while moving/travelling/walking in Awake.

 (Of course there is "walking and chewing gum", or doing mental-math-calculations or recalling something on "tip of tongue" inhibited by a distraction ~balancing on one-leg/foot, while steady standing or seated-stable in "quiet" one can "think" better... yet better one's skill, easier to blend, thus walking and chewing gum... doing (got it) vs developing a skill, vs improve-stabilizing)

** thoughts? change how one conceives or develops the skill?

[also one can be simul aware within Dream, as well as have Dream-mind, and Other(AP)-mind, aware of what is going on- each of three reacts to within its perceps and within expers in the others… within the Dream, and Dream-mind reactions used in Accel-learning, referenced in Win Wenger’s work as Image Streaming (?)

as each awakens they trigger between them- but also dis-integrate the Whole and need redevelop (back to the drawing board) as you reach developmental threshold in any of them… once you can AP and return… changes once you can AP and “think” as you normally do… changes once you can AP while you walk and talk physically simul

once that other’s thoughts/reactions stop being squelshed by your mind as “foreign” one can feel/receive from the Other (AP’s mind) when _Not_AP… in normal walking about how does the nonAP react, just as while AProjecting how does the Normal Mind-personality react? (not just thoughts in self-speak, but also physical body- thus rapid movement of AP perspective can result in snapping awake to bolt twitch as body tries to react and confuses perceiving with being there… (the kinks so to speak)…

but I find at any amount of develop… struggle- first its how can I re-interpret getting this other part of me to act as something I already know, or At Least re-interpret it as something that my “normal state of mind” does, rather than that part of me that already does (not the usual talk to my-self? perhaps more like the drifting off to sleep- relaxed “me” sort of familiar, or at least via the Dreaming- me… the thinking-mind me personality recalls dreams (yet how often as the Dream-mind does? -wake up and need recall before forget? actually think about/recall as awaken is “translation” to personality mode… during transition… once losing transition- its still in Dream-Mind format… just that is foreign… much of I recall dream is upon the nearly awakened-body cycles… thus a blending to “physically” present and alertness-

one view (likely wrong, but may reveal something) much of written about this subject is a bit off, not only to divert seekers, but to frustrate- one tries to go a certain way again and again and now and then slips and falls in to something else (which is actually the goal) ala Feldenkrais Method (ex doing a movement slow and feel parts of it usually skipped, and approach movement in “unusual” ways…

slow down and you might catch that Wonderful-Chance that glimpse of something other-- which gives a burst of en-thus (and might expand one’s possibilities)

-usually we skip over by having blocked out areas, as well as only dealing with a blurred representation of what’s actually there… so not so much of develop and learn such and such… but by expanding into… in that new state- one recognizes possibilities in that new state…

  (there are more directly paths to that versus our usual indirect stumble around towards).  also I think one can become aware of or at least sense other things (perhaps distant) per physical sensing and integrate that into imagining.. vs AP  (awakening and perceiving directly through that Other)..
   just as Contacting an Entity can not only communicate and even sense a Presence, is different than Evocation- let alone Encountering Physically (and yet if one only deals with the first.. many think that is physical Presence of... just as many AP-like expers might not fully be)-
 whether developmental exers, or just said that "tales of how it works in the past are exaggerated" (ie the be realistic/its a metaphor it really means...) and thus a different method... or is how-to not known?
 <<not sure vs can't be done>>    

Different perspectives might contrib? (luck in your explorations)

(my quick comment became long- strange night after big day for me, so that’s my excuse, thus this a bit unusual in my attempt, so I’m curious what might be received from this- if any)

Up to now I think the 2 main obstacles are

  1. fear of death - the body rebels against AP which it senses is “Death”
  2. Ability to relax to the point where the Astral Body can “loosen” from the physical
    My 2¢

I Lucid Dream using my Ajna Chakra(Third Eye) and its been working wonders so far. I believe that Astral Projection from the Ajna Chakra might deliver improved results,as this is the Chakra associated with Astral Vision.

The ability to relax completely is the biggest key, the second is visualization in order to exit fully.