Astral projection techniques

Anyone what are good ways to keep the mind awake without slipping into full asleep mode even when the minds gets very drowsy


Focus. Behind your closed eyelids pick one point in the darkness and focus on that spot. I personaly see blue light flash around it. Until the eye of the dragon appears.

Try not to get distracted from the light that starts to flash. Focusing keeps the mind awake while the body falls asleep.

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It is bezt to do this when you are not sleeply. I take over the counter meletonin . Wait till you feel it take effect, lay in a 30 to 45 degree pillow incline. A rock8ng chair that reclinez is perfect. Keep the mind awake by walk8ng along a path. You can also listen to a guided meditation from “the tube” that will help speak to ur subconciousness. When you feel your body go into sleep, without moving, imagine a body inside your body and try to rock it lef5 and right. Do 5his without moving ur physical body. Then welcome to the other side.

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