Astral projection meeting someone

hi, i recently started practicing astral projection and have had a few successful attempts. the experiences have been nothing short of amazing, i can’t explain how wonderful and exhilarating it felt. i had a question, the person or people we meet/encounter during astral projection, do they also encounter us? meaning will that person also feel or experience meeting me? or is it only my imagination that projects that person?

for anyone curious, i followed michael raduga’s method to an extent. as soon as i’ve successfully projected, i go to the mirror and look at myself and touch physical objects to make my senses strong.

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It depends on the person. Those who are also awake, and in conscious control of their astral double will most definitely recall the meeting. Usually you will be able to identify those who are awake as well. The meetings with masters and celestial beings will be of course be recorded by them.

If you know another astral projector who you trust, you can arrange a link up in the astral and refine the process.