Astral Projection Exposed?

Hey everyone. I came across this article from a Christian site a while ago while researching astral projection and soul travel. It’s a fairly massive piece, so I’ll just cut to the chase. The author claims the astral realm etc is purely evil and demonic based on testimonials of astral rape, shapeshifting spirits, and leeches, and offers an experiment at the end whereby he claims the next time anyone is in the astral plane, whether voluntarily or not, try rebuking any spirit encountered in the name of Jesus Christ and watch that entity writhe in pain and flee.

My question is if there’s any truth to this. Has anybody tried that experiment? I got into the occult because I got fed up with the absentee, tyrannical Christian God, and I don’t want to start exploring the astral plane and beyond only to find out that literally everything I’ve researched about the occult and all the wonderful things that can be accomplished with these powers is just a trick of Satan’s minions (according to Christianity) and that I’ll have to slink back to mindless servitude to this troll god to escape eternal torment in the hell he created. This is a legitimate fear I have, and I need to address it and purge myself of it if I have any intention of immersing myself into these realms. Thanks to everyone who reads this and/or responds.

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Um…no. There are plenty of people exploring the astral realms that have absolutely no problems. It is pure Christian propaganda. The thing with the astral plane is, it caters to your expectations; belief plays a huge role in what you will encounter there. Your intentions literally build what you see. That is why magicians the world over build astral temples to perform their magick, all they have to do is think it into existence.

As for the name of Jesus affecting negative entities, yes, that is true, but only if you believe in the power of the name. It would be useless to a non believer. Contrary to the opinion of Christians, the name of Jesus isn’t the only one that can be used to defend yourself. You can invoke the name of any higher power, including that of your own name. Banishing something by the power of your own Godhood works just as well, if not better, than invoking an outside force.


Thanks DarkestKnight!

And don’t see negative entities as demons, Like you probably won’t be able to use the name of Jesus to ward against Azazel but one wouldn’t run into Azazel unless that was the goal and if Azazel wants to meet with you. There is lots of valuables and their are angels on Astral Plane as well, like in Kingdom Of Flames.


Yo Ryan2,

The truth of it is in the eye of the beholder. Where I see naked people enjoying the summer sun, others are so screwed up by the teachings of their religion, that they see public sex orgies and other perversions. If your head ain’t right, maybe that’s what you see too.
There really isn’t anything that is absolutely true because people see things the way they want to see them. One person’s angel is another’s demon.
Astral projection is an important tool for the magick user. If you are afraid of seeing things that others have not already cleared for you by creating a careful path for you to folow, then you must re-examine why you are here and what you wish to do in the world of magick. Are you willing to defend yourself when you are attacked by demons and do you know when a demon is trying to help you versus hurt you? We live in a world of contradictions and must discover much by ourselves. If that is what you are up for, then you are in the right place.
Best regards, Arakeane


Only if you are confident in yourself.

I had to call on myself in a sticky situation, didn’t have a choice because I was being left no option so I would be forced to recognize my own ability. If you truly know that you are a powerful divine Being then it works beautifully.

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To sum it up: the article is a bunch of bullshit.


“Jesus Christ” is code for the sun. The old pagan Christos refers to the sun. The realm of the sun is above the astral plane (in the realms of the Moon, Mercury, and Venus). In magic, solar spirits are called on to bind, call, banish, and protect against astral entities. Any solar god can be called on to subdue an astral presence. However, it’s naive to just call on solar entities or think that “Jesus” or whoever can save your butt 100% of the time. Sometimes you have to break out the heavy artillery and go higher than the sun.

If you come from a paranoid, fear-based Christian background, you should avoid exposure to that viewpoint as much as possible during your developmental years. That way of thinking has a gravitational pull that can corrupt your thinking, obstruct you with fear… If you fall into the trap of everything is either Satan or Jesus, you can really handicap your development, even if you decide you’re on Team Satan. This paranoid all-or-nothing style of thinking causes nothing but trouble the more you expose yourself to it, and you only gravitate toward it because it’s’ familiar and you’re moving into territory that is unfamiliar and therefore frightening. But you don’t NEED to look up what the Christians say about whatever, because you already know–everything that isn’t Jesus is an evil deception of Satan. No need to subject yourself to these paranoid rants, they only undermine you and reintroduce old fears when you’re trying to move forward.

I recommend working with Hindu and Buddhist gods/Bodhisattvas to anyone from a paranoid fear/shame based Abrahamic background that still pulls at them. These entities have compassion and strength that serves as an excellent antidote to the old cowering fear-based worldview.


Let me put it this way and end this. In the astral realm you can create anything you want, so if this dogmatic guy wants to run around yelling jesus and watching things die then he can… theres truth to this. But you and i wont have that experience unless you want to


If he believes it works it will work. If you want to call on Santa to kill things and believe it , it will work. It’s belief, it’s in the mind just as everything else is.


Thanks, Arakeane. That’s some good food for thought. I’ve been rereading it over and over meditating on it. I would say I’m getting my head right so I’m held back by nothing, especially my Catholic upbringing. I see in the occult what I never saw in Christianity or the like: the tools to answer my own prayers. I’m willing to prepare for the dangers, for sure. To me, the risks are far outweighed by the potential reward.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to work with them!

I’ve heard both stories saying yes banishing in the name of Jesus works and no it doesn’t. my first astral projection was on my b day this past year by pure coincidence i took a nap and bam . freaked out went back into my body. then i started researching like crazy. I found this guy on youtube bob sanders and he was saying its dangerous and not to do it unless you highly trained and that he was trained so he was safe. then i made the argument stating well you have to do it to actually get trained to be “safe”. and was told not to and some guy emailed me saying that he was an authority figure in the real world and astral projected 10 times or so then got attacked by something and when he came back to his body the entity followed him and started haunting him and harassing him alot and that he ended up in the mental hospital for a bit because of it.

He tried to scare me straight which kinda worked at the time b/c after this I was able to astral project 1 time willingly and I had a hard time getting away from my body i mentally yelled for help and a split second later this 6ft tall gray cloud of smoke “entity” appeared and I got pulled back into my body started having a seizure in the astral world ( I was trying to fight waking up maybe thats why) I woke up and my eyes were blinking excessively for 5 mins while I tried to write my experience down. this all happened in the room i projected. so after that i was intrigued but a little fearful bc of what happened and what the guy told. me. someone told me it was my guardian angel ( fuck if I know). This all happened before I got involved in the magic stuff so now im going to be attempting to AP again soon and try to master. it Akashic records always fascinated me Im drawn to it for some reason. Anyways Im rambling but point is I think as long as you have strong will and show no fear or at least overcome it you will be fine and the good thing about magic is you can just banish an entity if it ever follows you back like what happened to the guy that emailed me.

Hope this helps answer some questions a little. And as for it being purely Christians belief that AP is evil I highly doubt that bc there are positive and negative entities there just like on the physical plane. Christians like other religions are very fear based. many fear the unknown for no reason other than it;s unknown.

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Core shamanism teaches how to travel in various spirit worlds, and does so from the perspective of wishing to heal and bring forth knowledge and wisdom (and later you can adapt it all you like).

Are there any trainers or courses offered in your area? That would be a great bridge from the healthier, pro-human aspects of faith, that we should care for and bless our fellow humans, etc., and respect life, to being able to work with spirits and travel in other realms as a birthright.

Harner’s key book is worth seeking out:


Thank you so much, Lady Eva! You rock! :smile:

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Have you used the name of Jesus Christ while you were there?

Uhhmm no.
Jesus and tetragrammaton are real entities.
As for tetragramatton I have evoked him but he only comes as an energy, never in any physical form.
His energy is pure, so he can’t permit death, curse magic etc.
As for Jesus name causing any harm, it can’t.
Myths exist about it but let me break it down for you in simple terms.
The dragons womb or what mages call the void engulfs astral universe with the exception of forbidden demons like Hades whose realms exists independently.
These realms are heavily warded by hell gatekeepers, that is why you can summon demons in the astral and they come.
Hence herein the power of any entity other than that permitted can’t function.So by calling Jesus, no reaction whatsoever will occur.
But I’ve met a bibilical entity called the “Stone/rock of ages” in the astral and it once shielded me from attacks by lesser entities.
I researched on it and found that a certain prophet Daniel also appeared to him, I didn’t find anything much after that.
It is the first and only biblical entity ive encountered in the astral realms.
So I can’t fully acertain on Jesus, but don’t rule him out though ,nothing in magic is certain.

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I haven’t been to the astral plane yet. I’m just trying to get rid of all the Christian garbage in my proverbial closet.


There’s a lovely Daemon who can assist with that

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