Astral Projection/Dream Magic Ritual


Step 1: Get a Bowl and Fill it with water.

Step 2: See Gray/Silver Light gather above you.

Step 3: Breathe in, pulling that Light into you and breathe out, pushing that into the water. This will infuse it with qualities of the Moon. The Astral Plane has two sides to it.

One is called: Yesod. This is the Astral Plane as we know it. The Dreamy, changeable, anything goes quality that some are familiar with.

The Other Side is called: Gamaliel. This is the Hidden Side of the Astral plane. Very suitable for Dream magic as it relates to sex. Wet Dreams come from this plane and all sexual dreams as well as nightmares and intrusions. You can shapeshift here and assume various forms. This is one of the Gateways into the qlippoth.

Step 4: Dip your fingers into the water and sprinkle it about the room and especially the bed. While doing so, say,

By the Powers of Light and Darkness combined I exorcise this room of all unwanted influences and hindrances that could hinder me from astral projecting and remembering my travels/dreams. Let all that could stop me from leaving my body be destroyed in Fire and Darkness!

Step 5: Kneel in the center of the Room and place your hand on the Ground.
By my own power as a Living God I command this room and its vibrations and energies to become a gateway to (Name of Realm/Sphere).
Vibrate the Name of that Realm/Sphere 3x
Do the same for your bed or sleeping area.

Step 6:
Proceed to use any Astral Projection Technique or Soul Travel technique you please.

You can add to this by lighting candles whose color corresponds to the goal you wanna acheive for dream magic. Or to the place you want to go.



So I could connect my spirit animal at the WT with this?
Just imagine the WT? Also what color candle would associate with this place

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This same technique can be used in Evocation/Invocation to Get stronger presencing, manifestation, and results when summoning entities.

Im sure yall can figure out the correct wordings to change and use.

Notes on The Moon
I chose the Moon because it and Neptune/Uranus deal with The Psychic Arts of Astral Projection and Soul Travel

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Just saying I was tthinking about asking you for a ritual that didn’t require really any extra tools

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Honestly @OnionKnight im not sure what specific candle would connect as im not into Shamanism lol

But Black is a General Gateway color as well as white. So you could use that or a gray color candle to get there

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Well I mean the candles are optional @RiseorDie lol

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@Micah lol
Imagine somebody comes and says, “ I don’t have a bowl, and I have to wait until Sunday before I can fetch more Water.”

Micah: :expressionless:

Would you be able to use your urine for this? :face_with_monocle::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Blood, Urine, a bowl filled with Pussy Juice, Whatever works lol

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