Astral projection attempt during evocation

My recent experience is a combination of trying to evoke and also astral project.
I tend to take a while to explain before getting to my point (3rd house in Gemini, rip) so please be patient with me!

I recently have been meditating on Lucifer’s sigil.
During these meditations, I experience feelings similar to those when trying to astral project. The body sleeps and I experience vibrations, and a bright light floods my vision and body when eyes are closed.

Last night I attempted to evoke Lucifer, and included the correspondences I had on hand.
I carved his sigil into a black candle, anointed it with cinnamon, lit Frankincense incense and an offering of chocolate. I gazed at his sigil and called on him, chanting his enn with my thoughts (since I have housemates).
I asked he help me with astral projection, with hopes I could use this as a way to communicate with him more clearly. I asked for a student/teacher relationship, wanting to work with him to grow spiritually.

I usually lie down on my back when trying to project, but I was seated cross legged on the floor in front of Lucifer’s sigil this time.
I did what I would usually. I cleared my mind, and tried to “tune” into the static signal. After some time, my body fell asleep and I experienced a sensation like an adrenaline rush. My heart began beating fast.
As I mentioned I have felt these before when trying to astral project, so I was unsure if this was a positive sign that I had established a connection.
But something different seemed to be happening, I was able to to this with my eyes open. I focused on Lucifer’s sigil until everything else in the room became blurred, and at one point, everything changed in appearance, like it snapped back and forth between another perspective. Although through a textured filter.

I tried for some time but after another hour or so, just when I felt I was close to successfully projecting, my physical body moved instead.
I tried again. Something different happened, I was able to put my body to sleep at a much shorter time than usual.
But again, I couldn’t seem to leave the body.

I said my thank you’s and goodbyes, saying that Lucifer was welcome to stay if he pleased.
The rest of the night I felt trance like, and with little effort I could shift into a meditative state, eyes open, and within minutes I could experience vibrations and my body would be asleep while I was awake. But that was as far as it would go.
I suppose I’m wondering if this means the evocation was successful, and that I have improved with trying to project despite not being successful?

Since beginning meditating and trying to establish a connection I have had vivid dreams.
If anyone has any feedback on my recent experience, please feel free to share! I’m also interested in advice for leaving the body. I’ve heard for some it’s a sudden pull/pop and for others, they have to pull themselves out with effort.


I hate to be theone to say that this idea is sadly extremely dangerous. Be cautious and know a few ways to protect your astral form.

Welcome @Tribunis_Silentium. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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