Astral projection and weird vision

I had attempted to Astral projected. I don’t know how to say but I can feel myself floating out of my body. But while I was doing it, I was met with a vision of a bright light purple eye. I don’t what it is but it’s looking at me open with one eye. I was nearly successful as I felt myself leaving completely before I decided to stop. Not sleeping anyways.

Please note that it had only one eye.

My advice would be to try again…It sounds like you had an OBE, as you decided to stop you prevented yourself from learning any knowledge from your experience,
you need to break through the urge to stop, refocus on your breathing and continue the process.

Many people have shared the experience of seeing an eye…

The astral plane is filled with way weirder shit than a floating eye haha. You have to drop your expectations, your understanding of the physical does not apply to the astral.

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