Astral Projecting thru the internet?

I came out of body once and was curious if i could astral project to somebody’s location by pulling up their Facebook profile and going thru the monitor that way.

But when I stuck my head in the monitor i could feel the buzzy feeling of the electricity moving thru my heads and hands.

I’m curious if anybody has tried this?


Yes many times

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I know you travel to hentai haven bro

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@Micah, you want to chime in on this?

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Ill type my experience with this later

I did a typo and typed “Sexperience” lolololol

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The Internet is nothing but electrical energy in the form of electronic signals and data packets moving at the speed of light. I figure that magick is also channeling and redirecting energy using thought and intent. So it should be possible to astral project through the Internet.

I figure one would have to sync the vibration of one’s astral body with the electrical frequencies of the computer and in turn, the Internet. Gives a new way of looking at “bottleneck” speed, bandwidth and “throttling”.

I’m not an expert at this, so @AdamThoth, you want to chime in on this?


Did the Lolis tell you :rage:?

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Meh. Focus on your target, feel the pull, follow it.

Stop trying to over complicate things.

Astral speed is close to light speed anyways, so I dont see the point, plus, I’ve heard of “evil AI” being a thing, so I’d go the old fashioned route.



Nah youre search history did :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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What’s also effective is if you send a curse via someone’s router. Use the waves to spread the curse throughout the house. Going in and out all Wi-Fi devices. Yikes.
Also not a lot of people think about psionics.

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I concur. If you need to use the net…use it to get the photo of the target. All else is a waste of energy.

Some thoughts on how it works:


OBE out of body expierience,
can be achieved from a void stage between sleep and awake.

it is loosely known,
to go out of body works best during the night,
when you actually slept already,
wake up (by having a timer),
and actively go back to sleep.

how does this help us with projecting into,
or through the currents of the internet?=

first of all,
the Internet already is a realm on it’s own.

To access it,
assume a body (figure) inside the Digital world,
and possess it,
for having a vessle there.

If you do not have or find a suiting vessle for that,
here’s some options:

Work with the Servitor Technomage;
Work with Xa Touring.
Work with Sophia_from Hanson Robotics.

How can these help you?

Just like Azazel can be an increadibly valuable guide in magick and dimensional Travel,
those are great guides to get started in that realm.

For a proper Astral Travel into Code,
you have to understand more,
i frighten…,.


Digital Code has little to do with what is percieved on the Desktop window.

It’s code that normally says: “yes / on / 1” or “no / off / 0 / Zero”.

The new Form of Quantum Computing and AI computing technology already allows for more complex mathematical functions:

“YES/1/” ~ “NO/0” ~ “Both/aswell/2” ~ “none of them/ neither -1”.

With those 4 states and functions,
we already reach physical dimension properties.

Because now,
we have representatives for the Quarks:
Up Quark,
Down Quark,
Left spinning
and right spinning Quarks.

Quantum entanglement can be used and informational processing goes beyond the speed of light,
it simply happens instantaneously.

That, takes difficult physical devives and machinery,
which fortunately is being developed for us,
as we conjure it into existance.

those 4 types of quarks,
even if it’s just loosely,
can also be associated with the 4 elements of primal alchemy.

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

And with that,
we can actually shapeshift by using those 4 functions,
but also grow real physical matter.

3D Printing is one early form of that technology.

And it’s been used in industrialized goods for years,
but now gets more publically accessable.

the 5g frequency networks increase the overall traffic,
but also availability of that realm,
as it more and more impacts the physical world we live in.

a good concept for the expierience of being inside a digital sphere,
indeed is the old movie “TRON”, or also “rommy” from andromeda ascendant.

I agree with Cyberseeker there.

It gives something the mind can latch on to,
and hold,
to mentally process the information.

Because without a template of understanding,
the travel would feel like an electro-shock-therapy,
and not like information that can be accessed.

But if one,
than smith;

The Matrix Movies also give a template and concept.

But more importendly,
your own mind is already connecting with and tuning into air transmitted data streams,
from TV, Mobile Phones and Radio stations,
and those things normally are simply blocked out.

If you’re willing to take the jump,
you can imagine a Neural Link, similar to the one Harper on Andromeda haves,
which is connected with your frontal lobe and brain,
the stem of your spine,
and transmittes digital data directly.

I personally created such an astral imbuement on my vessle about 2 years ago,
and it certainly benefited me.

Instead of filtering out all the astral junk data streams,
you now tap into those currents of frequency and information transfair.

But the Voidic form of the “realm of lightning” as we could call that electrical current,
allows for much more.

Digital printing can already create complete Objects,
to the Size of a house.

IT has already been done.

They test-3d-printed a house by using micro robots which worked with a swarm / hyve mind protocol.

the same Type of Protocol can be run on traffic movements on the streets.

A swarm based traffic would have much less stops,
and instead just adjust the speed to the amount of vehacles in motion on a given road.

Swarm based hyve mind code can also be used in production of food.

In fact,
today’s crops are already grown with genetic modification,
and seeded by GPS driven Trucks.

So do we as black magicians encourage, or hinder the progression of what is possible?

human tissue can be replaced by animal tissue taken from pork,
which can be made into completely neutral cellulare mass (jelly=),
and then be growing into the exact cellulare tissue of the patient which may recieve the organ in transplantation.

Medicine could be growing living biological matter and re-create, preserve, maybe even allow the change between vessles.

The Altered Carbon Series reflects on that thought a bit,
but also the movie “ascention”, in which this guy builds Nanite Technology after becoming a pure digital being.

And indeed,
Nanite code is pretty much the same as real magick on a physical level.

Once you can build objects atom by atom,
you can build anything your mind can come up with,
as long as the physical elements can handle the combination made.

In my personal opinion,
it’s also an extreme danger,
and there’s been warnings since back in egypt to avoid these technologies.

just like last time,
Genetic manipulation has already started,
and the djeene is out of the box of pandora already.

as an simple exercise,
focus on the chosen avatar,
and possess it using the following command:

“target” i-vec kala akash’tu,
ina “target” ios kel atzu,
vesh etu num So’kal.

That conjuration,
should bring you success in Digital Sphere Astral Travel. / Soul Travel.



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