Astral projecting in a darker realm

Okay so, here goes nothing.
I’ve been working on my abilities and opening myself up to everything that I closed off.

When I was younger, I had something come in through the window. A tall dark figure and they tried to pull the covers from me. I was 5, but I remember it, because I was awake and knew I was regardless of others saying it was a dream. The entity tried to pull my blankets but I pulled back. They saw I was scared. Let go and I ran to my parents room as I always did.

Now I’ve always had incredibly vivid dreams in which I remember far too many of them.

And I believe I met these entities when I was little, and because I was so scared I closed it off

Now being 22, and opening myself I’ve found who that entity was. However, there are many more than just one that hang around.

As I’ve been opening myself I’ve been seeing more, hearing more, feeling more. And 2 nights ago while asleep I remember waking up but still asleep.

After this occurred I wrote some things down from what I could remember hearing. These were my notes:
You have been dreaming half asleep, and I heard some more movement. So many footsteps. And people walking. Especially upstairs. Someone said “what is this” child? Female? Mom and kid? Felt like they were looking at some things of mine then she felt me hearing them and left walking by my head out a door? But there’s a wall/ window there. There was someone playing with an old clock :alarm_clock: where you can turn the little stick and hear the gears move. Reminded me of my pink clock as a kid.
Damnn smoking. Haha sleep awake. I am asleep while noises are actually here.

Further in the dream:
Someone laid in bed next to me. Dark room. Red covers. Dim lights. Someone put pressure on my neck and chest and head. I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. I tried to get away. I was wiggling my legs when the floated up to the ceiling. I looked at them and the rest of me followed. I was now looking down at myself. Laying flat on a motel style bed with my arms open and legs straight. I was in black clothing and I was so so still.
There were figures but I couldn’t make them out. I never can. And voices. Male and female.
I don’t remember how I got back to my body. I don’t remember what happened after.

Would someone please help me interpret this?
From a talk with my friend it seemed I was pulled into a darker realm and astral projected. The way I got back I feel was my main guardian coming and being like wtf is happening here. But I don’t remember.