Astral plane

Last night after i performed my version of the infernal 90 day operation’, without the use of candles and ethanol i won’t end up with getting seizures from breathing in to much ethanol, after i did the infernal 90 day operation contacting all the 9 Gatekeepers, i went straight to bed 2:48am, i heard a cute female voice Lilith (Lilitu) the cute one who wants me badly, maybe because of im single never married and being a batchella, im probably more lucky that way, don’t have to answer to a wife a girlfriend. I would make a great candidate for Lilith (Lilitu) no whining woman in my life, i was asleep then i was on a Hydro bicycle clocking up a speed of Mach 6 catch up to a speed of a bolistic missile travelling on a HWY in the Astral plane, next after that i was grabbed by Lilith (Lilitu) and taken into her realm, a Bikini Hell, she presented her self to me looking like a very cute Teanage Adult many thousands of years old, i saw another one of her other female demon cute honeys standing on top of a 300ft high tension wire, and comfortably jumping off and land bear foot and walked off without any injuries, and kept on walking, all the females all got cute bodies and very very very cute faces, and not long after i woke up, before i forget the weather report in her realm 500 degrees C.