Astral Parasites

can they shapeshift or take on other forms, look different than their original form when looked upon with our own eyes?

is it possible for humans to create any of these parasites in the astral

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I can’t see why there would be any limitations on the forms they can take. Humans already create them unconciously.

I’m interested in knowing how people would do this intentionally though.


Yep. They can even impersonate well-known spirits. That’s why it helps to ask for their sigil. If there’s one thing parasites can’t mimic it’s that.


The young stupid ones are sneaky and feed of people like little mosquitoes. Some are old and powerful and can trick some of the most advanced operators. They can take on the likeness of all kinds of entities. Dangerous bastards because they are so tricky. Most real entities won’t pop up and say “Hey dumb ass thats not really me”. I always banish and cleanse my area before any operation. It’s only a matter of time before one takes a shot at you if you don’t do the basic preparations


You think there would an occult exterminator for them?

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Ok, thank you for this it looks like i might have created one unconsciously when i astral projected

that or belial placed one on me, doubt it though


yes,unconciouly out of negative thinking patterns that you believe so much in them that they can become “real” taking forms of parasites.

exactly like you would create a servitor or thoughtform

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I suspected so. But, can you program it to be as nasty as a parasite born from years of negative conditioning?

Seems like it would be harder.

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you would kill them in the same way,

ignore and dont give them attention thats what feeds them they aslo feed from negative thoughts and feelings since you cant ignore feelings and thoughts instead reverse them that doesnt mean that you must be a very positive person to do that,but more a realistic person,so have positivity imagination as your essence and fuel of life and balance them from the assumption that may be nagative but its still no real,

balance your positivity negativity but bend some reality in it,but dont fly over your head.

back to your question,
starve them,they are already below you,you feed them if you ignore them either
they will leave you or die you can aslo transfer that negativity into something esle

i heard this story a while ago
a parasite feeded from fear,the victim worked over the fear and transmit it to love,and the parasite died out.

killing them would be easy,they are already below you,they are attached in you they dont have the right to do that and its your right to be free from them.

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Storm of The Century, movie by Stephen King ( youtube for free ) has some of this shapeshifting stuff.
Long movie with lots of boring human talk, but interesting show

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