Astral invocation = Successful?

Can i invoke beings in the astral realm, if yes then, how and can i invoke any being in the astral or only a select few?

Are you taking about evoking or invoking? Because they are not the same thing. Evocation is the act of summoning a spirit to stand before you and invocation is the practice of summoning a spirit inside of you to take on its qualities.

If you are talking about evocation, then yes, you can evoke beings in the astral. Astral evocations require good concentration though. And as for what you can evoke, well, you can evoke anything.


I see, i was not aware of the differentiation, how can i evoke beings in the astral?
Also, i suppose invocation can be done anywhere since you call deities inside you and is it necessary to give offerings while invoking or evoking or can either of them be done without offerings or incense?

Offerings are not required for evocation or invocation.

There are two ways. Build yourself an astral temple and perform your rituals there, or evoke in the standard way but use a scrying device (black mirror, crystal ball, bowl of water) to view the spirit.

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Is it necessary to use a mirror, can i just view and hear them astrally and is it necessary to build a temple, can i just call them at a random astral point?

If you just call them at any random point, then pretty much anything can show up and pretend to be the spirit you’re calling. Building an astral temple gives you a space that you have complete control over. You can build it in anyway you want. You can protect it with wards and guardian servants, etc. You can prevent intrusion by imposters, tricksters and other not so nice things. You have no control over a random space.

Sure, if you have the ability to actually do so.


I see. Are there any specific steps to building astral temple and using it?

The basic technique is pretty simple: Get into a meditative state and visualize an empty room. Add whatever furniture you want to this room. Carve a magic circle in the floor. Add an altar. Have rings of candles and tapestries, whatever ritual tools you want. Whatever you can imagine you can put in your temple. It’s a lot easier to evoke a demon within a blazing circle of flames in the astral than it is in the physical, for example.

Try to spend some time in your temple every day. The astral is always in flux so you will find that your temple will change itself each time you visit so you need repetition to solidify it. Generally, it will take about a week or two before it will remain as you envision it. Once you have reached that point, you can then begin to perform your rituals in there. When you do, try to see yourself from the first person perspective. When you pick up your dagger, for example, try to see it in your mind from your own point of view instead of from the outside like a movie. Also make sure you include all the senses, not just sight. Smell the melting wax of the candles, feel the cool air blowing in. taste the electricity in the air, feel the heft of the dagger in your hand.

Here is a tutorial:


I see. That’s great information, you have my thanks.