Astral form leaving the body?

So, I don’t know if this is a medical issue or not, I’ll probably have it checked out anyway but, sometimes I just randomly feel more elevated , like my soul is sitting a few centimetres above my actual body. In a way it kinda feels like being lightheaded. What I’m experiencing lasts everywhere from a few seconds up to a minute.

Usually it happens when I’m at rest. Writing this after I just felt a ‘‘wave’’ push me to the left out of my body for a few seconds, pretty strongly. Before that I just dismissed this state as being really calm and perhaps entering a sort of meditative state, but this was too violent and sudden.

So yeah, I haven’t astral projected before so this is why I’m asking. I’m curious if maybe this is what it feels like, or how it feels to be ‘‘pushed out of your body’’ by an entity.
For the record, I’m also sort of working with Earl Raum for developing of astral senses (which I haven’t practiced, despite him telling me I have to) and I’ve been pretty late with the offerings.

Maybe he’s trying to get my attention somehow? I don’t know, lots of things happening to me in a short time span…

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Sleep on your side instead of back

I was completely awake.

Yes, it’s accidental projecting. If you want to hone your skills look into it, just don’t get possessed.

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Oh how ironic. I can’t do it when I’m trying to but I’m accidentally sort of doing it. :joy: :joy:
Guess I’ll have to watch out for whoever woke me up by punching my door open.