Astral entities genetics and cosmic spiders are you a spider

Let’s just say do some digging your findings can reveal more I’m not saying it’s 100% but if you have 3 colors or more your a spider of some sort there are variations


Do any of you enjoy really spicy foods curry hot pepper hot sauce kung pow chicken hot tamales jalapeños Catalina reaper exe

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I cant eat spicy food.

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As a spider fanatic and one of the Fallsong clan myself I say this resonates entirely to spider clan as well as spider philosophy Kudos

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Yes the official term is fallsong if anything doesn’t make sense please feel free to ask

So ok let’s continue the discussion

What brought you to the discovery of the spider ways

I really don’t like spicey food lol. It burns my mouth.

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What got me interested is trying to understand the hidden ability in my past I have been trying to reawaken the ability to manifest people physically with a mere thought reality seems to bend easily for me my quest is to figure out why

I love spicy food and the combination of sweet and spicy is phenomenal I also walk the spider path

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I don’t walk a pre-detirmined path.

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Not all spiders like spicy food it’s just in relation to the connections between the various spider clans spread throughout the planet and other realms

Well the “why” is different for all of us to give one answer that fits the “all” on the why isn’t possible but to look into yourself and journey with in will give you the “why”

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There’s a reason it’s called fate weaving people :grinning:


This is kinda what the red in my eyes look like except the rest of my eyes are dark brown. So you can only see the red ring when the light shines in my eyes.

I’m pretty sure it’s a eye condition. To have a colored ring around your pupil. My sister has the same thing but hers is legit gold.

And no that’s not me in the pic it’s a random google image.

That’s the skin not the eye itself though you do have this condition it might be a cover

No I’m referring to the eyeball. If you look there’s a ring around the pupil that’s a dark red then the regular eye color which is a green/hazel. It’s a condition.

Oh my apologies here’s mine