Astral Confusion


I’m having a hard time understanding what mental state I should be in when trying to scry and astral project.
I have times when I just see the astral completely overlaid with my physical vision. I’ll see whatever entities happen to be hanging around and often the wind effect. It’s crystal-clear, real as real, none of that “in your mind’s eye” stuff.
Now, whenever this happens, I am not in a trance, meditating, zonked out, paralyzed, inebriated, or even particularly relaxed. I’m not even willing or intending it to happen. The shift in my awareness is extremely subtle, though I’m getting better at spotting it. My thoughts run on only slightly quieter than usual and my verbal thoughts don’t seem to have any effect at all on the experience. The one time I succeeded a little a soul travel was coming out of sleep - I was able to push my consciousness down and suddenly I was looking at the room around me through closed eyelids and it was brighter and clearer than my normal vision. I was thinking quite clearly and wide awake, and I kept opening and closing my physical eyes to make sure I wasn’t deluding myself. I could move without disturbing the experience and was not paralyzed.

So here’s the thing. When I follow the instructions most of the beginner guides give, I get to the physiological states they describe (I think), but they’re nothing like the state I’m in when shit actually happens. I can easily get into a state of sleep paralysis or a deep trance or a hypnogogic state and hang out there for an hour or more and do exercises and have sensations, but nothing really happens, and all I see are blobs of color. What’s more, when I’m getting the real thing, I don’t feel tranced out or paralyzed at all, but actually much more awake than usual.

This is all very frustrating because I think being unable to communicate directly with astral type denizens at will is the biggest barrier to my advancement. I tend to suffer from Natural Talent Syndrome, and would probably develop much faster if I could reliably get instruction straight from the source.

Any advice? Any thoughts? Any old iron?



I’m in the same boat! Aren’t we a pair!!! It IS frustrating, but it’s also exhilarating. I like not having to “DO” anything to perceive the subtler planes … and yet the free-flowing nature of what I experience is pretty much one-way. I watch it, I sense what’s going on, but I’m an Observer, for the most part.

So I love that you asked this question - will enjoy reaping the benefits of the answers … :wink: Z


All of the success I’ve had in the astral has been though sleep and coming out of sleep into the astral plane. I haven’t been able to achieve astral travel though the means of guided meditation or anything like that.