Astral Adventures

Hey everybody! So recently (as in twenty minutes ago) I killed my first exotic prey- a gargoyle! But getting to that gargoyle was an interesting experience.

I had to deal with some strange crocodile-person spirits and an ogre of some kind, ripping out their Soul Reactors, as Neeros calls it, and absorbing their power and knowledge. By simply affirming to myself at the end of the venture that I would keep all of the power and knowledge I had gained on the journey when I opened my eyes, that same feeling remained with me and has since.

So, I’m wondering if anyone else has empowered themselves through astral adventures, rather than rituals. I find rituals BORING, personally, and I like to do things myself. By going on such a mission, I was able to not only gain a variety of power and knowledge of an astral realm I had most likely created, but I KEPT that power.

It’s a lot more fun than ritual empowerment, but also a LOT more dangerous. The gargoyle gave me an astral wound that I’m still nursing- I’ve healed the main etheric damage, but it physically stings where I was hit.

So, I’m proposing that people join me on this.

Abandon for at least a day ritual self-empowerment (Qabbalistic Cross, LBRP, Middle Pillar, Circulation of the Astral Body of Light, etc.) and work on achieving the power, and more, you would gain from ritual in an astral adventure. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall in love with it.

And, a tip: Let the visualizations of the adventure just come to you, don’t force it. Hell, most of the visual component of which I was adventuring in was from other sources- mostly Minecraft and League of Legends. Anything can happen on these adventures, so exercise both curiosity and focus.

Good hunting, and eternally,

I did one time, not by choice. It was a pathworking or initiation of some kind I was put through by an entity who was teaching me.

Astral, Mental, or Soul travel are a main component or goal of many practices.

Interesting. I didn’t think any entities would do such a thing for an initiation.

The type of adventure I am discussing is one where you will it to happen. I just find it much more fun than old rituals.

When I studied shamanic trance work, this was a large part of it, although my path wasn’t as predatorial as yours.

There’s a level studying that method where you seek out guides who give you advice and so on, then there’s a level where you start doing healing work and that becomes a game-changer, because you run into astral entities who have their own agenda that ISN’T your own personal growth and development, so yes, I’ve had some adventures there.

Awesome! It’s good to hear that I’m not the ONLY one with experience in astral exploration!