I have two different sigils: one for Astarte and one for Ishtar. Are you saying they are the same?

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Not really ‘cause that’s what I did and tried before creating this topic. Thanks for the enn!

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@KingOfEvil what was the reason for Lucifer telling you to call Astarte?
Curious! And this might also help

Dunno if you’ve tried vk jehannum website, go to Google, type vk jehannum followed by the entity name. E.g Vk jehannum Astarte.

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During of invocation of Lucifer I asked if there are any other entities that He’d recommend me getting into contact with and he replied to get hold of Astarte and that she is waiting anyways… The immediate reason I’m not sure, although I think it was more geared towards sexuality and more sensual desires and outcomes. Which He definitely knew I was researching on:smiling_imp:

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Yes from what I’ve seen they’re all different aspects of the same being. I mostly use her Astaroth Sigil in my workings.

She spoke to me as Ishtar a few days ago. Mostly she appears as Astarte to me.

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I’ve never worked with her before, so out of curiosity, is her Astaroth and Astarte appearances/aspects the same? Or are all three different?

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They are the same being just representing different aspects.

Need more info on Astarte. How can she help you become a star?
What are all of her capabilities?

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When I search for Astarte’s sigil all that comes up is ashtorth’s. What is Astarte’s correct sigil?

Goddesses don’t have sigils, just evoke her using her name.

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Welcome @Needsanswers. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself, what brought you here, and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


I’m sorry, but that’s just a bad idea. If you knew about the historical use of the ‘name’ Astarte, you would know why.

@Needsanswers Astaroth is most certainly not Astarte. They share a link, yes, but they are not synonymous. To contact Astarte, you have to show devotion and sincerity. You can’t just print out a random sigil you find on the internet, chant some nonsense, and poof, the Ancient One will appear. Astarte is not to be trifled with - she’s not just some “love & war” deity, but far, FAR greater than that.

Sincerity in your heart, dedication, discipline. Meditate on her, pray to her. Set up a shrine or an altar to her. Seek her with all your heart after you’ve done research on her, and you should find her. Research on her is paramount if you wish to contact her, and not some lowly astral parasite.


With all due respect, many people on this forum have evoked many Pagan gods of all stripes. And none of them have had any issues. Now, when I became a Slavic Pagan in January, I decided to stop approaching magic like a ceremonial magician and to start approaching it as a shamanic magician. And I have summoned the attention of my ancestral gods with no consequences.

True, I’ve never worked with Astarte, but I believe that you’re overreacting. My experience of the gods is as long as you’re respectful, you’ll do just fine.


Actually, Astarte does have a sigil. PM me and I’ll give it to you.

can you send me the sigil too?

I just remembered I shared it in another thread. Astarte

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That sigil is very close to Astaroth’s sigil. I wouldn’t trust it.

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I’m with the good Steward on this one. J.S. Garrett equates Astarte with Astaroth which can be heard in one of his podcasts.

You should approach Astarte directly, through “pagan means” if it is her that you really seek.

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Well it’s BS. I use that sigil for Astarte, and it works. Astarte’s energy signature is wildly different from Asteroth’s - and if you can’t distinguish between the two, then maybe learn how to do that first. :wink: She even has an enn if that makes you feel better. I’ll let you search for it.

Can’t believe I woke up to this nonsense.

It was JS who gave me that sigil in the first place! It’s the one he uses!