Astaroth's calling Hymn

The duchess, and crowned princess of Hell
Is calling upon you!
Standing firm by Lucifer, and Beelzebub
To form the unholy trinity against god!
We are watching you!
Behold Astaroth! a fallen angel
Holding the beauty by right
Ov both sexes in this flesh
Providing sinful lust upon
Men and women to indulge
Yet also offering a goddess’s
Sacred touch of love to those
Who want to feel her burning flame

Astaroth is a mighty warrior
As she is very powerful upon
Hearing her wings enter battle
Victims smell her last breathe of death
As they part with their soul
She is armed with vipers
And rides wicked dragons
That await the unprepared summoner
She promotes the laziness of boredom
And worships wealth and secret desires
Queen of all ungodly fruits and booty!

Flying over the southern part of her kingdoms
She watches over her cherished
Children that worship her glory
Treasurer of Hell’s fine gold
Kept in her secret chamber
Astaroth now commands over
40 legion of demons to help do her bidding
Such as, answering witches spells
Attending rituals and
To oversee her human souls

Seek her attention when you need
Help counselling of spiritual matters
And to gain more knowledge of the unknown
Specially with the war in heaven and our downfalls
Goddess and Queen of love and war
Bed with me tonight!
Show me your lust’s pleasure
And teach me the ways of your sinful sex!
Drink my blood in offering and accept my pact!
Dine in her fine glory’ clean her wings of purity!
Enter her kingdoms at will’ provide gifts of flesh!
Kiss her godly lips and drown in her elegant chaos.
Goodnight, my sweet prince.